Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Mar 28, 2014 on NBC

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  • Revenge

    That was a phenomenal episode and the way they show Beverly Katz body was very sad but in terms of presentation that's was the best even in movies we don't get to see such horrifying murder presentation. It was good to see Hannibal on the edge of his death and the way they show Hannibal tide to a rope reminds me of Jesus body tied and hands up in air and last the preview showing Hannibal sleeping with bloom was a surprise but

    overall it was a great episode.
  • Mukozuke (Spoilers Ahead)

    Hannibal delivered another spectacular installment this week as we see Will cross some boundaries after we learn the fate of dear Beverly Katz. The opening was brilliantly executed as we see her body on display inside many slides of glass cut thinner and thinner. The fact that we are not shown immediately what it is makes it even more hard to look at. Freddie Lounds even shows a streak of humanity as she says to Jack to not go inside since "she's one of your Will is brought in and we see what played out in Hannibal's basement unfold in his mind. Hannibal managed to get behind her and strangle her without getting shot. He then froze her and used a saw to cut her body perfectly into the different shapes and position her. The BAU finds the mural killer's kidneys inside Beverly which means that Beverly was killed by the one and only Chesapeake Ripper and that her kidneys were kept (eaten as we watch Hannibal prepare them in his kitchen). On Will's end, after consulting on the case Dr. Chilton transfers Abel Gideon (who is somehow still alive when I presumed him surely dead) back to the mental hospital to assist Will in his therapy but mostly because of his past search for the Chesapeake Ripper and whether that had yielded anything to do with proving Will's innocence by corroborating that Hannibal is the Chesapeake Ripper. When Lecter interviews him Gideon doesn't exactly let on that he knows the identity of the RIpper anymore than he did before but that he was mistaken when he thought that he himself was the Ripper and that Will is close to making some very bad decisions. Will also sells his story to Freddie Lounds in exchange for putting some hidden information into the story. Will is also confronted by an orderly who confesses to being his "admirer" and having killed the bailiff in his trial, however he didn't kill the judge (so it was surely the work of Hannibal since it was much more staged than the bailiff's crime The orderly says that the world brought them together to survive and thrive, such as two birds in a competitive ecosystem. Will asks him to kill Hannibal in a greatly delivered line and in a great scene we see Hannibal swimming laps before being tranquilized by the orderly. Hannibal awakens to see that his wrists have been slashed open and that he is in a Christ pose. The back and forth between them is fantastic as they discuss how the Iroquois used to feed on their fallen enemies to absorb their power and that by the orderly killing Hannibal maybe he will become the new Chesapeake Ripper by adopting Hannibal's modus operandi. Of course I know Hannibal wasn't going to get killed but seeing him in that level of vulnerability and at someone else's mercy was a great reversal from typical situations we get from him in this series. Jack follows a lead on Hannibal's disappearance from a tip that Alana gives to him that she got from Gideon regarding what Will might intend to do. The orderly only took Hannibal to the basement of the rec center which is secluded but of course if people knows he's missing they're going to check the surrounding area. This plays out much like the Tobias showdown did last season in Hannibal's office. Jack tells the orderly to keep his hands visible but since Hannibal doesn't want the knowledge the orderly has about Will sending him to kill him or that he's the real Chespeake Ripper he yells that the orderly has a gun (a tranquilizer gun, but still looks the same) and he is shot down by Jack. Jack also manages to save Hannibal's life before he kicks the bucket out from under him (yes they go over the origin of that phrase in this episode as well) in his staging. But this was a very thrilling installment indeed and I like the directions Will feels he has to go to when he has no other options than to send rogue agents against Hannibal when the system is so stacked against him. It was a good effort though and saw us see the ruthless survival side of Hannibal we don't see often behind the eloquent outer shell or "his well stitched together person suit" as Bedelia put so aptly not too long ago. Having the wonderful Eddie Izzard back as Dr. Gideon will surely given Will and Chilton a great partner to play against since he's so delightfully overacting his part without making it seep into camp. Bring on the next course!
  • Honor Every Part

    This was a good episode, but it wasn't a great one. It hurt, and that was beautiful, but it almost felt over-the-top in how Will reacted, because that's what he did - react - when he should have continued plotting. Showing her cards was Beverly's mistake, and doing the same only served to dishonor her and tip off Hannibal. I wanted it to be more, but I also feel like it couldn't have been more. Definitely need more of the game in the weeks to come now that Will's lost his main playing piece.
  • Hannibal

    Excellent film
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