Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM May 02, 2014 on NBC

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  • Madness

    Actually this excellent series , I thought Will had degenerated , but instead is giving the ace in the hole for over Hannibal , Hannibal is not easy because it is very persuasive and intelligent, but can 're days are numbered .

    The cruelty of Hannibal is unmatched , but perhaps possible to understand, clear knowing its origins , but not to comprehend and justify their actions ; as well as the insane stupidity of Mason is possible to be understood , only the latter plus psychopathy meeting imbecility and weakness in the same person .

    We can not forget Jack , who must have finally believed in Will and together they began to ride this trap for the large deer killer, by the way this beautiful animal, very well constructed with ingenious and frightening images ; merged with Hannibal Lecter sometimes with , sometimes Will , now with the two together , sometimes with the methods and results of the psychopath murder on duty.

    Finally , the picture remains impeccable, the music also excellent making Hannibal Game of Thrones and True Detective alongside the best series this early half of 2014 .
  • Act Of God

    That was great episode a really good one great work done by Michael pitt a very intresting character

    the episode started very good in the middle we get to see threesome good to see margot with will but sad to see Alana with Hannibal and at last we get to eat a long pig a very frightened pig. now the show comes to an very intresting point of view Hannibal is trying to make will his shadow and making him a monster and will does it the scene where he meet Freddie lounds looks very scary and will does that brilliantly he actually looks like a cannibal or a serial killer and I noticed there are more bed scenes in season 2 and is good to see that the show is taking a new shape at last good to see will helping Hannibal in making dish I am very interested in seeing what Hannibal will make will off at the end of the season but I pray that the show doesn't get cancelled and even if it does I know bryan fuller will find another way of running the show I know he will not disappoint his fans
  • Perplexe (Spoiler in 3rd part)

    I confess I got a bit lost in the episode. Why didn't Will talk to Jack about Randall's attack on his house? Or did he? Because what he did was murder, right?

    I don't understand what happenned with Freddie. Even if Will didn't kill her (which is my thought), why almost attack her? Grab her by the hair and not just tell her straight he's trying to fool Hannibal?

    Also and BOOK SPOILER ALERT: the trailer for next episode let me perplexe. Freddie dies in Red Dragon but we saw someone dying the same way as he/she does in the books: glued to a chair and set on fire. So are they going to kill her? Before Red Dragon even starts?

    And I don't know how I feel about Margot getting pregnant, I feel like they're adding drama to the show. I liked book-Margot and I'm not so sure about this one.
  • Closer (Spoilers Ahead)

    Hannibal kept on applying the pressure this week as we get to see the actual fallout from Randall Tier's attempt on Will's life last week without the cutaway. And what a fantastic way to put that at the bookend of last episode and show us this as Will's state of mind as he dumps Tier's body onto Hannibal's table like an animal ready to be disposed of. The bit where he saw Hannibal's face while fighting Tier was fantastic and he really did get more intimate than killing him with the shotgun decided to go bare hands instead. The murder was much less "self defense" than I thought it would've been given last week's ending shot but it works even better to have Will go deeper down the rabbit hole and display Tier as he did in the very museum in which he worked on the skeleton of an ancient fanged creature. Now he and Hannibal are closer than ever, covering up murders and misleading the BAU unlike they've never done before. Gotta give it to the writers for continuing to go into unexplored territory in the episode by episode. There wasn't even a killer-of-the-week this episode which shows that they trust the central cast and characters enough to deal with whatever they are dealing with. Although Jack is rightfully suspicious that someone like Tier, a loner by habit, had someone in his life who knew what he was and would kill him in such a way and then build a shrine to him. If the first half of the season was about getting Will to come to terms with what Hannibal was, the second half is about him embracing the similarities between him and his new best buddy. Freddie Lounds takes Will up on his offer for the rights to his story and approaches him about continuing doubts she has about Chilton being the Ripper like how he fled from surgery and lacked the skills to carve the way the Ripper did (skills which she admits Hannibal has). Will doesn't give in and even when Freddie visits his farm unbeknownst to him and discovers the killsite where he set up Randall Tier's body for the tableaux Will finds her and tells her that all is not as it seems. As the audience we ourselves are unsure how much of what Will's transformation is him getting close enough to take down Hannibal or understand him in the way Hannibal wants him to. If Will is truly a "behaviorist" and that good and evil mean nothing, then Hannbal's intentions to kill and eat his fellow humans is no more bad than a hale storm or an act of God (a force of nature as Hannibal often seems to be portrayed as). Hannibal sitting in his plastic suit in Freddie's hotel room while she visited Wolfstrap was a nice bit of irony that even if she hadn't found Will's dirty secret she would've become their next course anyway. Onto the sex scene, which was deftly executed and gave us a great glimpse at the psychology of Hannibal, Alana, and Will all have and how their love triangle has become a main focal point of the show. At first I was a little ticked that Margot (a self proclaimed lesbian) would have sex with Will. I didn't believe they had sex at first, Will even says that he "doesn't fit her proclivity," I thought they were merely sharing a sensual experience as human beings and not necessarily engaging in intercourse. But when Mason is visited by Hannibal and how Verger Sr. hated Margot and her "proclivities" and the lack of any other male heir she may have produced, everything was left to Mason. Mason is eery in a way, not that the performance is odd but he reminds me so much of Gary Oldman (who played the part in the film adaptation of Harris third novel Hannibal in the series). But in hindsight if Margot were to force herself into a night with a man just to get pregnant it would be with a fellow agonized soul such as Will and her who share the same pathology and state of being stuck in situations outside of their controls. Two survivors connected through acknowledgement of one another's pain its' very poetic and beautiful in a way. But then in Hannibal Margot does have a partner and succeeds in getting pregnant so no doubt Fuller is going the route of having the father be Will rather than an anonymous donor especially since Margot (as far as we know) has no romantic attachment at the moment. Hannibal will continue to push her and Mason against one another because that's what he does. Freddie's exposition of Hannibal having at least seven patients die either in his care or as a result afterward was very useful information and may start to provide an answer to Will's "how many?" question from last week when the seed was planted. When being interviewed about Freddie's disappearance, leaving a screaming voicemail while calling Jack while running from Will (Jack gets all the calls from women in danger, must be quite unlucky) I know Jack doesn't buy the "I live in the middle of nowhere it's a good place to abduct someone if you wanted to" defense for a second. I can sense that he senses something happening between him and Hannibal. Their connection is much more than skin deep now as Hannibal continues to divulge more secrets as they share meat that supposedly came from Freddie. Hannibal tasting the acidity (a reference to his extraordinary olfactory and taste senses) means that the animal was afraid when it died which prompts Will to admit it's "long pig" which is colloquial for human flesh. They share that final moment amongst their wine. This is no doubt a turning point for Will, for even though he killed Tier Freddie was, morally speaking, an innocent (sort of). She was no saint and has psychopathic tendencies but she wasn't a killer as far as we know. But since we didn't see body I'm sure she's either become the new Miriam Lass and will either have had only one part of her removed by Will (which is still sick) to show Hannibal how willing he is to join him and he is in fact playing a long game to earn Hannibal's trust to destroy him and then his "reckoning" that he promised will happen. The fact that we as the audience don't know shows how little Bryan Fuller cares about what we think and instead we are as culpable as Will in asking and determining if he is just in deep cover or just in too deep. Has Will crossed an uncrossable line? That's the big question as we move into the final episodes of the season. I really hope that the show doesn't get cancelled (the ratings are still better than last year even for a Friday) but I hope it continues and NBC is smart enough to see the potential of this amazing series (the international financing could also be a big part of that too).
  • Vegetarian Option

    Will's in deep as of this episode, and I don't see him coming back out of this clean, regardless of how much in-line with the plan this plot is. Jack will definitely be on him in the coming episode for Freddie, which will likely lead into why he and Hannibal are fighting when we reach the 12 weeks from start of the season. This episode was quiet and fantastic, doing so much while also doing so little. It was brilliant.
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