Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Apr 18, 2013 on NBC

Episode Recap

A flashback sees Garrett Hobbs and Abigail Hobbs hunting in the forest in Minnesota. They return to the cabin with their catch, a deer. Garrett says they will honor the animal and every part of it. Garrett passes her a knife to start cutting. Abigail doesn't understand how eating the deer's organs is some form of honor, but Garrett reassures her. Suddenly, Abigail awakes from her slumber in the hospital.

Alana comes to Will's house saying that Abigail has woken up. However, she first suggests coffee before they head over. Inside, Crawford is calling both of them, but Will doesn't want to answer. He doesn't think that Abigail is an accomplice to Garrett Hobbs. Alana offers to reach out to Abigail in her own way, she says. Over at the Port Haven Psychiatric Facility in Baltimore, she visits Abigail. Alana says she specializes in family trauma and tells Alana that her parents are dead. Abigail says she wants to sell the house and use the money for school and such. Alana has also brought her some clothes. She does this in an attempt to win Abigail over.

Back in Virginia, at the Behavioral Analysis Unit, Crawford meets with Drs. Alana Bloom and Hannibal Lecter. Alana suggests that they need more time before Will talks to Abigail. Meanwhile, Will is lecturing on the Hobbs case, but he pauses on the copycat killing, which it is assumed Dr. Lecter committed in order to get Will more focused on the Hobbs case. Will thinks that the copycat killer was following Hobbs, enough so that he warned him about the trail of the FBI.

At Port Haven, tabloid journalist Freddie Lounds tries to talk to Abigail. Freddie tells Abigail that her father killed eight girls and harvested their organs. Freddie is about to mention that Will intervened with her father, but Will and Dr. Lecter enter the room. Abigail recognizes Will as the man who killed her dad. Abigail laments that she is going to be "messed up" like her dad, but the two men try to reassure her. ­Afterwards, Freddie Lounds tries to apologize for her behavior to Will and Dr. Lecter but Will remains skeptical. Their conversation later ends up online on the tabloid website. In a meeting with Crawford, he mentions that Abigail wants to go home. Alana thinks that moving Abigail might cause dissociative problems for the teen. Crawford needs to know whether the copycat killer was indeed the work of Abigail or someone else.

Freddie meets with Nicholas regarding the Hobbs case. Nicholas is the brother of the girl (Cassie) who was murdered in the desert by the so-called copycat killer. He's deeply disturbed by the murder. Freddie says that Abigail Hobbs is out of her coma. Now, Dr. Lecter and Will head to the Hobbs' residence with Abigail. When they arrive, they see that the house has been treated with graffiti, the most obvious part, across the garage and front doors saying "CANNIBALS". Abigail sees where her mother died and then enters the house. Many things have been packed into evidence boxes. Finally, Will asks Abigail whether the informer on the phone was someone known to her. They tell her that she may have been contacted by the copycat killer (unbeknownst to her, it was Dr. Lecter himself). Abigail then suggests that the police will never find the bodies, because Garrett was good with using every part of them. A friend named Marisa comes to visit Abigail and while they talk in the backyard, Nicholas comes up to insult them. He soon disappears when Will and Dr. Lecter show up.

Will wakes from another nightmare and heads to the cabin with Dr. Lecter and Abigail. It's likely that Hobbs­ fed his family some of the remains. Abigail starts to feel guilty, since Garrett was killing girls so he wouldn't have to kill her. Then the team notices blood on the floor of the cabin and on the second floor, a new body impaled on antlers. It turns out to be Abigail's friend who came over yesterday and this sets her into overdrive. Dr. Lecter comes up with a theory: Nicholas murdered Abigail's friend and his own sister. Crawford wants to know why Abigail is let off the hook so easily. Will says that the copycat killer has struck again and everyone agrees that Abigail must leave her home because they worry that she might be the next victim.

Dr. Lecter and Alana bring Abigail home to gather her belongings. Freddie interrupts them again. Dr. Lecter asks if she has seen Nicholas while Abigail packs up her things. Abigail finds that the pillows in her house are filled with the hair of female victims. And, Nicholas enters the home claiming he did not kill Marisa, but Abigail doesn't believe him and fearing for her safety stabs Nicholas to death. Abigail is left in horror – she has become her father in a sense. Dr. Lecter and Alana investigate, but Lecter quickly knocks out Alana to investigate for his own personal goals. Abigail shows Lecter what happened. He coerces Abigail into hiding Nicholas' body.

Abigail visits Dr. Lecter and is anxious because she cannot sleep. After conversing, Abigail thinks Lecter is the man who called her father. But Lecter says he was calling the house for an interview and is nothing like Garrett Hobbs. Lecter says the call was a mistake. They agree to keep each other's secret.