Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Apr 18, 2013 on NBC

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  • Best episode so far, but...

    I really enjoyed this episode. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. This episode had my mind racing to all of the possible outcomes. The actors are settling into their roles well. The show is well written, and well acted. I would have given the episode a 10 but...

    What was up with that garbage about hunters. Abigail's friend said they should of known about her father, because of the hunting. WOW! So hunters are psychopaths? If you don't use every part of the animal, it's murder. Double WOW! NBC just loves to throw their far left political views into every show. This is not The West Wing, nor is it 24. Far left or far right political views, may be appropriate in shows concerning politics or government; but this show, and certainly this episode, wasn't about that. NBC has lost a lot of viewers in recent years. I already dropped Law and Order SVU after 14 years, because of NBC's political agenda in their shows. I almost dropped Revolution, for the same reasons, but they backed off. I really like Hannibal, so i hope NBC's writers stop trying to demonize the US military, hunters, conservatives, and christians. Or i'm gone for good. No matter how excellent the show is!
  • getting into this show

    When I first started watching this show I was not sure if I liked the show or not, but now I do. Unsure about the actor that is playing Hannibal, but I might be able to get use to him too.
  • Mentor

    The plot thickens. Hannibal isn't just mentoring serial killers, he's actively creating them. I'm pretty sure Abigail was innocent. Hannibal drawing her in was pure evil genius.

    It's too bad, we have to wait for Francis Dolarhyde to be rid of Freddy Lounds, I can't stand her. Although I think it's a nice touch to have made the character female.
  • Legacy

    I thoroughly enjoyed that there was no "killer of the week" and we solely focused on the Abigail Hobbs storyline. Seeing Abigail wake up after having that memory of her father saying to "honor" the deer by using all of it was a macabre touch. The best element of the episode is that there I couldn't tell conclusively whether or not she had helped her father in the killings or not. Jack and Will, with Hannibal and Alana in tow go to the hunting cabin and she explains that her father had been "terrified of germs" which was why he was so clean although just a killer. Them visiting the house and walking through the "Hey Hannibal you be the guy that called my dad" thing was a clever touch. This show is so creatively brutal (the human hair in the pillow yuck) and Abigail being alienated by her community since they see her as an accessory of her father (now dubbed the Minnesota Shrike after a bird that harvests organs for consumption). But interestingly the brother of the supposed Shrike copycat from the pilot, who Hannibal killed to inspire Will in the right direction, shows up and confronts Abigail about her father having done it. When he intrudes in her house she guts him with a knife in supposed self-defense and her and Hannibal hide the body, after surprisingly knocking Alana out cold against the wall. Hannibal's right about even if it was in self-defense it will still be seen as she is just like Garrett Jacob Hobbs had been. One thing, how did Abigail deduce that Hannibal was the one on the other end of the phone? Was it the Danish drawl or simply instinct, and him only admitting to "wanting an interview" with her father makes him pathologically disturbing. They agree to keep each others' secrets and I doubt this is the last we see of Abigail. Although Abigail couldn't see that Hannibal had mutilated her friend and tied her to the antlers in the hunting cabin (beautifully shot by the way) but Will sees it as the same killer who killed the copycat victim of the Shrike. But there is still much more to come. Especially hearing about the pulled episode (I hope that pulled episode it is included in the DVD package as I would like to own this when it is released) I respect that Bryan Fuller wants to be sensitive with the Boston thing happening right now. But still 12 episodes is more than enough and next episode looks fantastic so let's keep it going.
  • its getting better and better

    Uhhh I love this show more and more and if they can keep up that tension I might have a new favorite show on tv!!!
  • Another good ep for the show, but.....

    Even though it was still a good ep I am finding it quite annoying of shows like this that seem to make it way to easy to get to someone who is in protective custody and make the Police and FBI look useless at their jobs. How on earth did this guy get past all the cops and make it inside to Abigail who was also unguarded? The FBI and Police are looking for this guy and he just strolls right in. Also for anyone thinking Abigail helped her father, she didn't and all the stuff you saw in this episode was just a traumatized girl going over the edge and Hannibal taking advantage of that.
  • Catch Someone's Crazy

    Not quite up to par with the previous episodes. Mostly because the reporter woman and Abigail really rub the wrong way. Don't get me wrong, not all characters can be ones that tickle everyone's fancy, but those two just don't seem as complex or compelling as the others. Abigail's firmly in the 'don't trust her' category. The reporter probably just bothers me because it's the typical reporter stereotype and as a journalist, I tend to take offense to that. But she's very heavily into trading information when she really doesn't have anything to trade, and that's what bothers me most. She should know more than she does and she just fails as a reporter. Lecter remains absolutely exquisite. Everything they write for him is neither over nor understated and it works so perfectly. I'm glad to be mostly done with the Hobbs case and moving on to something new next week.