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  • the Best Tv series ever

    I have Only one Word to say: amazing.
  • Great take on an old story

    The production value, the lighting, the acting, the writing, and most of all the food styling are all great! This definitely for me is ranked as one of the best produced shows I've scene. Albeit the subject matter and design has a preternatural ability to make you either lose your appetite and be scared for the rest of the evening or be enthralled by the storyline and psychoanalysis of the human mind, and be enamoured by his cooking skills. It is a great show, and should it stay on NBC will definitely be one of the cult favourites.

    It has around the same number of viewers as Mad Men, and while it is a cable not syndicated show, it has a low production cost and is still relatively knew. My only hope is that if it is not renewed by NBC for a 3rd series Amazon, SyFy, Netflix, or another network will pick it up. It's potential is to only get better and Bryan Fuller has ensured it will remain a great show through the test of time.
  • Feels wrong to see him as a protagonist

    I don`t really like Hannibles personality and quite frankly I also know that a few episodes are misrated. After seeing "Silence of the Lambs" I just dont think that the villian deserved his own show.
  • Every second of the show is awesome

    Love it every second of it! Can't wait for the next episode, at last Will Graham will be free and we'll see great dynamics between Will and Hannibal!
  • You Need Good Show

    This is the best tv show currently running on tv. i can not wait for another episode. I saw like 5-8 shows on average but man if there is a new episode of Hannibal other can wait.

    Simple awesome.
  • Music sets mood

    I LOVE the music! It's eerie and nerve racking and beautiful... I wish it was on cd.
  • Whatever there is to say about this show..

    .. and it would be a lot, I just want to mention quickly that I find the music incredibly annoying. I believe the show would even benefit from no music at all.
  • Best show on TV

    This is by far the deepest, most thrilling show on TV. It is refreshing to see Mads Mikkelsen as the cold bad guy after so many of his Dutch films portray him as the emotional, philosophical family man!

    And what a performance by Hugh Dancy, gosh!
  • Excellent Show

    For me this is the substitute of Dexter, but I think this is more dark and physiologic show.
  • Best thing on TV right now.

    Simply cant get enough of this. The writing is clever, the acting is brilliant, is beautifully filmed and while the premiss isn't for everyone, is fascinating. This could of easily been another run of the mill CSI type show that watered down the Hannibal universe for TV. In fact the team should be very proud what they have contributed to it. Here's hoping we'll get to see how they play out the actual book series.
  • I'm in love with this show.

    I love this show and the cast, it's simply the best series on air now, and I hope that people will understand this amazing tv-series, it's an intelligent show and intriguing too. All the actors in this series are fantastic, in particular Mads Mikkelsen is a perfect Hannibal. (like Hugh Dancy is a perfect Will in my personal opinion)... Stay hungry and watch Hannibal <3
  • Best thing out there?

    Best series I am watching, but is it the best series currently airing?
  • Man....

    I really need to catch up on this show before I watch the season two premiere.
  • First Dane in popular tv-show.... Whoohoo!

    So, this genre isn't really in my taste, but I had to see at least one episode - because of Mads Mikkelsen. I'm Danish, like Mads, and he's one of my favorite Danish actors, so I had to see what the great Hollywood and international screen did to him and well, I love seeing people from my small country on an international level and reading peoples thoughts about them. Makes me proud! :)

    And although I probably wont be seeing the show to it's end - because of the genre, I was pleasantly surprised at how everything was put up.

    Acting, camera, timing, special effect, suspense and all that, really made a great episode. Is it creepy that it made me a little hungry? 0_0 Anyway, if you like this genre of psychology, suspense, crime and I guess some gory horror, I'm sure you'll love this show, I would, because it's really well made!

    And on a side note, I feel very honored when people praise Mads and think it kinda funny when they talk about his charm and especially his accent, which is VERY Danish, so if you like that accent, book your next vacation in Denmark ;)

    Go Mads!
  • Juicy Stuff- Hannibal

    I wonder if Hannibals 1.2 million viewers compose a majority a filmakers because, honestly, this show in terms of cinmeatography and VFX is extraordinary. The interplay between the depravity of the crimes and the mental states and pscyhosises creates a deliacte balance. For anyone who will not watch due to the books or films this stuff is ALL orginal content. Only formats of the Hardy's characters are standard Fuller said the first three seasons are all orginal! He has considered making further seasons adaptations of the novels; however, he is negotiating for rights. I have never heard of a TV show so powerful that NBC would grant them a full season based on the strength of the script. As a former Dr. Who fan who has felt lost inside Moffat's weak plots Hannibal is a fresh breath of air. A lot of poor reviews on this page were based on people who could not take mature, graphic content, or people who consider the show a "rip-off, or those who won't even give it a chance! The beauty of this show is you already KNOW who the main killer is so you are working with this expectation. However, Hannibals's counterpart shares the trait of a sociopath so often you are forced to view him as depraved. My dream job is offically crewing on this film!
  • Dear Hannibal haters please die

    This show is amazing from the first episode I was hooked Mads did a phenomenal job and I know every one said he couldn't be better than Anthony Hopkins but tell you the truth I think he did a better job just saying this show is my favorite and I can't wait for February.
  • Hannibal--Not for the Faint of Heart. Or Mommies, Wussies, ect.

    Whenever I read a criticism of Bryan Fuller's amazing new "Hannibal," I always wonder what is really behind it. Because this marvelous show is also highly challenging, a lot of folks are unsure how to take it.

    It's very simple, really. If you are a massive fan of the books, and you lack imagination or the ability to embrace a new direction in a familiar series, you won't like the NBC series. Go watch the movies again--you'll be much happier.

    But, if you enjoy being challenged, and watching a stellar cast of mostly European actors do what they do best--then what are you waiting for? Go and seek out this amazing reinterpretation yesterday!

    I am not going to bother recapping the base plot--anyone reading this undoubtedly knows the territory. I write TV criticism for fun--trust me on this: Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen are the 21st century's embodiment of these characters, and pretty well eclipse any portrayal before theirs. I for one was never very happy with Anthony Hopkins in the role of Lecter--it was always difficult to picture him as any sort of meaningful threat. That little teeth-sucking maneuver made me laugh out loud in the theatre.

    Mads Mikkelsen brings an elegance and air of menace to his portrayal, sorely lacking in the film franchise. He is graceful and controlled, yet simmering beneath the surface is a creature steeped in stygian darkness. And, unlike Hopkins, this former gymnast and athlete has the physicality to make you believe him capable of Lecter's crimes. And Mads is just a far less hammy actor than Hopkins, who I always felt missed his calling in the old Hammer/Seven Arts movies from the seventies.

    Hugh Dancy's Will Graham is something you have not seen before--and again, if you are a big fan of what has already been done, then his portrayal may not captivate. I have never read the Thomas Harris novels, but always found Will Graham a rather dull boy in the films. But Dancy brings a level of humanity and vulnerability to the role that is amazing to watch.

    Hannibal is not a show to watch with your kids--even if they are pretty sophisticated. This is a show for grown people, who know what they are getting into. It is graphic, it is real, and it is scary. Hannibal is not for every viewer--but for those looking for something beautifully produced, written and acted, this will be your new favorite show.
  • Sorry no go

    I really looked forward to this one But it is nothing for me A shame but I see a lot of people enjoy it and so it is just my humble opinion that I think this could heve been done much more convincing
  • Best TV Show In a Very Long Time

    I have become hooked on Hannibal. Mads Mikkelsen's portrayal is a very interesting look at a younger, saner Hannibal (and the man is drop-dead gorgeous). The character of Will Graham has been fleshed out very well and I like the way in which we're getting to see the development of the relationship between the two men. I'm looking forward to this show lasting a long time.
  • Awful sensationalist crap

    Inauthentic shock-value and nothing more. You need to be both a sadist and a masochist to watch this show. There's nothing legitimate about it. I have a serious interest in both psychology and crime. This is just garbage with high production values.
  • Refresher Course

    Hannibal as a series was outstanding. I was a bit worried when I heard about it, that the character wouldn't work out as well as it did in the books. Diabolically delicious is a term you can use to describe how Hannibal manipulates all the pieces on his chessboard. He has a sense of "feelings" for some of his victims (Abigail Hobbs and Will), but this won't prevent him from finally having them end up in his dinner course if they get too close. Will seems to be a special experiment for him, since he wants to explore and learn more about the workings of Will's brain, I guess this in a way is what saved him.

    I also liked the episode "Fromage" where Hannibal shows he's the big dog keeping intruders out of his territory by finally eliminating Tobias (and that annoy little yapping pup, Franklyn).

    In all, the series is quite intriguing and compelling to watch, seeing how Will steps into the killer's mind and watching Hannibal's manipulations of the FBI and how he goes about framing Will.

    Loved seeing Gillian Anderson as Hannibal's therapist, and wondering what's going on in the undercurrent of their relationship, since the patient that attacked her was a referral from Hannibal. Did he want her to stop seeing patients so he could have her all to himself? Just wondering.

    And finally the Hannibal character is well interpreted, played by Mads Mikkelsen, suave and chillingly in control, the only thing is I haven't gotten use to his accent and lose some of the dialog, have to keep backing up and re-listening and sometimes even then I don't get it. But in all, totally satisfied with this series and looking forward to the next 3 seasons (heard it's going to 4 seasons catching up to the point in the movies) to see what future Will will have and the machinations of Hannibal. Going back to the books and to the movies to freshen up on the character. Until then Bon Appetit.
  • not good review.

    This show Creep me out from time to time, but it is pretty good show that keep me addicted for some odd reason. Hannibal creep the living hack out of me LOL..
  • Don't miss this show!!!

    I find this show is the most compelling and compulsive show on the box at the moment. The only show that comes close to this for me is Elementary.

    I find the acting and story lines purely addictive.

  • A hugely disappointing show

    I really wanted to love this show. I really, really did. I'm a massive Hannibal fan. Even Hannibal Rising is ranted high as a guilty pleasure for me. I love the books, the movies, the extended mythology... in short, I love Hannibal. So when I heard they were making a show based on his early interactions with Will Graham, the cop from Red Dragon, I couldn't wait to see it!

    And you know, some aspects of it really, really do work.

    In this version of the show, Will is one step away from being a nutcase, but I like this approach. It makes him very interesting to watch and he's also played very well. It's a little different from the book; I can't see this Will ever finding a family with Molly and Josh, but this difference is good. I like his seemingly supernatural powers when looking at a crime scene.

    I also really like most of the supporting cast. Jack Crawford is good, Bloom is good... in short, they are all fine.

    What ruins this show for me is two things, and the first really is unforgivable: Hannibal. Look, I don't like criticising actors, as acting really is alien to me, and I've seen Mads be really good in other things... but as Hannibal, good he is not. Yes, there are obvious comparisons to Anthony Hopkins to be drawn here, but it goes deeper than that. To me, Hannibal is a manipulative, charming, utterly sinister genius that is one step ahead of everyone. He has his own vision of the world that nobody is party to, and if you let this get the better of you, you are dead. He needs to electrify the screen. For this series to work as well as Silence did, you need to be utterly amazed by Hannibal. I can see what they have tried to do with Mads, as Hannibal does have a foreign background. But, alas, it just doesn't work. Half the time I can barley understand what Hannibal is saying, which takes me out of the scene straight away. There's just no presence because of this. I don't get the feeling of danger from him at all. In all honesty, he's just a pretty monotone doctor who just happens to be a serial killer, but there is no sense of genius (this is partially to do with the writing, which I'll cover next). There's no reason to believe that Will, a damn clever guy himself, wouldn't see Hannibal for what he was instantly. In short, Hannibal is not the best thing about the show. He is, in all honesty, dull, and the worst. And, in a show where he's supposed to be the main character, this is just a fail.

    The second problem is the writing. I watched, I think, six episodes before I finally gave up, and it's mostly crime of the week, something I'm really not a fan of as every episode will start the same and end the same. One episode, in which a man is skinning people alive to make them look like Angels by suspending them from their back skin and muscles, is a brilliant idea completely ruined by its ending, where we are supposed to believe the killer then did that to HIMSELF. Yeah, okay then. I suppose the argument could be Hannibal did it. If so, why the hell doesn't Will even question that a man supposedly skinned himself alive and then suspended himself from the ceiling? And this is just one of the many questions you ask yourself that can be rounded up into one: why are the police fricking morons? For the story to progress, they have to be. It was the same problem with the Following, but here it's worse as Will is supposed to be a Sherlock Holmes type figure.

    Alas, though, it's Hannibal that's the problem. Those nitpicks above could be forgotten if not forgiven if Hannibal was, well, an interesting character. Here, he's not, and, for me, it just makes the whole show another boring cop drama. Such a shame.
  • Awesome show!

    At first I though this is a terribly boring show but after some episodes I quickly got addicted to it. Mads play Hannibal really good, he's comparable to Hopkins but Hopkins is a bit better.

    This show is really good, go check it out!
  • The personal therapy of showrunner Bryan Fuller

    If you're looking for something different from the typical procedural drama, or even something one step beyond usual serialized dramas, you should check this out. But be warned, as this is not everyone's cup of tea. It's kinda strange and convoluted, so get ready for the least typical show on the big networks.
  • A dark psychological thriller of the highest caliber

    When I first heard of this show I had high hopes but low expectations. After finishing the first season I have to say that my hope was rewarded and the overall quality reaching far, FAR beyond my expectations.

    Not only is this a good show, but is a GREAT show, in ways I didn't imagine. It is a psychological thriller centering around the relationship between Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham, where Mads Mikkelsen (excellently) plays Lecter as a truly cold and calculating psychopath and Hugh Dancy (also really good) playing a profiler with a superb, but double-edged ability to empathize with serial killers. And it is here we find one of the show's greatest (and most surprising) strengths; Graham's gradual descent into mental instability caused by his superior profiling capabilities.

    We're given a really dark and unpleasant view into someones crumbling mental state, and that's all enhanced by the show's dark visuals, graphic imagery and haunting auditory.

    Full review: 2013/06/series-review-
  • A Masterpiece Finale

    As a series, I cannot think any better on television at this present time and if I were to go back, I can only think of one series that could touch it, that being Twin Peaks. The writers of Hannibal are not writers but artists who along with such towering performances of Lawrence Fishburne and Mads Mikklesen have crafted a feast for our visual tastebuds, Hugh Dancy's portrayal of Will Graham was given time to bear fruit and in its Season 1 finale, showed that he has the right to stand in the presence of his fellow actors and as the finale ended, we are given a vision of their fortunes in reverse for both Graham and Hannibal, while in the background played Zimmer's and Cassidy's music of Dante's sonnet which paged homage to the inevitable future of their lives and kindly asks us, the audience. to return to the next chapter which will begin in the middle of next season. Can we wait so long, i hope so!
  • A fascinating glimpse into an iconic character

    I first got into the Hannibal series about 10-15 years ago through the movies, and with the exception of Hannibal, I really enjoyed the ones that I've seen (I haven't seen Hannibal Rising). The thing that I loved most about these movies is not so much Hannibal's character, but rather how he plays off of the FBI agents who come to him for help, manipulating them by digging into the darkest parts of their subconscious. This kind of psychological terror was much more interesting to me than the horror of a cannibalistic serial killer (though that's not to say I didn't like that aspect of the stories as well).

    After hearing that they were making a TV prequel to this series, I was cautiously interested. How well could they make the show, especially since it was going to be on NBC? Would they have to tone it down? Where would the focus lie: exploring the cannibalistic nature of Hannibal, or would it be similar to the books/movies, where Hannibal was used to play off the other characters? Even though the series was created by Bryan Fuller, who I like based on the shows I've seen by him, I was worried it would fail to do what a Hannibal series should.

    However, it turns out that there was no need to worry, since it stays true to my favorite elements from the movies, while making the story its own. The show centers around Will Graham, the protagonist from Red Dragon/Manhunter, who's called in by the FBI to help investigate a series of brutal murders. Will is "blessed" with the ability to get inside of the minds of killers which is a great help in murder investigations, but as we soon find out, puts a strain on Will's mental health. Of course, the show wouldn't be "Hannibal" without Hannibal Lector, who is still a practicing psychiatrist, and is brought in to help keep tabs on Will's mental stability.

    This set-up gives the writers plenty of opportunity to play with the classic Hannibal formula seen in the movies/books. None of the other characters know that Hannibal is a cannibalistic murderer, and therefore he's not nearly as direct as he was in those movies, but there's more than enough Hannibal manipulations to please most of the fans. And it certainly helps that the dialogue between characters is very well-written, with great subtle lines that can often darken the mood or lighten it. The writers can be very playful with the fact that only Hannibal and the viewers know his true nature, while the people around him are in the dark. And Mads Mikkelsen does a great job with the more subtle nature of the writing, being simultaneously charming (so that it's believable why some characters would be attracted to him in some way) and creepy.

    On top of the great writing, one of my favorite aspects of the series is the visual direction the show has taken. Most of the scenes have a very artistic presentation to them. I think the visual style adds a lot to the series. In a way, it's kind of like Hannibal's character in that it's very appealing, drawing you in, but if you know about the darker edge to that beauty, you will find yourself disgusted by it. Perhaps even more so because of its beauty. For example, there are scenes where Hannibal has people over for dinner, serving them his "special" kind of food. These dishes are laid out very artistically, like the kind of dishes you'd see done by a very highly respected chef (and in fact, the creators of the show did bring in such a chef to prepare the meals). If you were served these types of dishes normally, you'd surely be drooling over them, and admiring the artistic ways in which they're presented. However, since you do know what Hannibal is serving, it only makes it even more unsettling. But the food isn't the only thing that's beautiful about the show. The set design, the costumes, the few special effects they use in certain scenes... Even most of the murders have their own artistic beauty to them.

    I won't say that the show is perfect, however. The series, while mostly focused on the character progressions and interactions, and the bigger storylines, does have its shares of stand alone cases thrown in (more so in the first half of the season). A lot of these cases are very interesting, and fit well into the bigger story. However, there are a few of these cases which don't work quite as well in my opinion. I wouldn't say they were terrible stories, and the fact that every single episode contains great scenes that contribute to the bigger storyline helps make up for these weaker stories, but they do slightly weaken an otherwise fantastic series. Also, while the fact that the seasons are 13 episodes each help make the main stories tighter, with less filler than a normal 24 episode season, it also means that it will be harder to simultaneously progress the main story while also fleshing out the different characters. The writers have done a great job with Hannibal and Will's characters, and a few of the side-characters do bring good aspects to the series, but I do think there's lot more they could do with these side-characters.

    This series has brought back my love for the Hannibal series. I haven't seen the movies in several years. This series is so good that it makes me want to revisit those movies, even giving Hannibal a second chance, and Hannibal Rising a first chance. I've also never read the books, but now I definitely want to read them, though I will probably wait until after the series ends. Hopefully that won't be for a while. During a couple of interviews I've read with Bryan Fuller, he mentioned that he does have plans for several seasons. Based on these plans, if it's cancelled early I'd be fine with it, as long as it reached its third season, but I'd much rather have his whole vision brought to life, even if another channel or streaming service like Netflix has to pick it up.
  • Phenomenal

    Everything about this show will capture you and blow you away. The writing is concise and beautiful, as is the scenery and mirror-realistic acting. I have high hopes for Hannibal, in that it will inspire viewers to watch something more intellectual and CRAFTED during their leisure time!

    Keep an eye out for Hannibal in the Emmy's ;)
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