Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Jun 06, 2013 on NBC

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  • Scrambled Brains

    Eddie Izzard returns in this week's superior episode Hannibal. His brutal escape from an armed escort was really difficult to watch especially having Will do his whole flashback thing putting himself in Gideon's shoes. Also returning this week is Dr. Chilton who had used psychic driving (basically suggesting in his sessions with Gideon that he was the Chesapeake Ripper) and Gideon seeks to scramble the brains of all those who analyzed him into losing his identity suck as Chilton and Dr. Bloom. He mutilates the guards by hanging their organs on foliage next to their crash site. Will's hallucinations also reached another all time high with his encephalitis now much more pronounced than before, his sinking into water, his clock melting all make for a psychologically draining experience to watch. I now see Hannibal's game is to twist Will by pushing him over the edge and then recasting him in his own image, as it were to have a friend as much like him as possible. Will approaches Alana about her getting an armed escort due to Gideon's threat and she admits that it would've been nice to have curled up next to him in his house, something that he seems warmed by as well despite his troubles. Gideon captures Freddie Lounds by luring her to discuss an article on him by pretending to be a doctor who had treated him who he had given a Colombian necktie (pulled the tongue of a victim out through their throat). He uses Freddie to go to the very place where Miriam Lass's arm was discovered and gets a kidnapped Dr. Chilton to hold his organs open so that when the Ripper arrives thanks to Gideon's invitation he will have something to admire. The complicated part comes when Hannibal kills someone and cuts off their arm to help the FBI find Gideon's location. When Jack and the FBI raid the place they find Chilton barely alive with Lounds there helping him with a breathing apparatus. GIdeon clearly has no sense of self at this point which makes his killing unjust but also understandable after all that Chilton and other doctors had tried to write about him and analyze him he had no idea who he is and wants to confuse the world as much as they have confused him. Will manages to find him watching the FBI raid the location and he waits in the back of Gideon's car holding him at gunpoint making him drive to Hannibal's house. Poor Will is so confused he sees Gideon as Garrett Jacob Hobbs. Hannibal also twists the knife when Will brings GIdeon before him and says that there is in fact no one there and that Will is simply hallucinating which was heartbreaking to watch will try to rationalize it and then having a seizure causing his eyes to go back into his head. Hannibal has a great scene with Gideon where he tells him where to find Alana Bloom and Gideon insightfully asks if Hannibal is the Chesapeake Ripper to which he neither confirms nor denies. When Will comes to Hannibal leaves his gun on the table and Will chases Gideon down to Alana's house. Will sneaks up on him and stands next to him as he watches the house, still seeing him as Garrett Jacob Hobbs. He shoots and kills Gideon in a panic when he sees Hobbs start to taunt him. Jack is concerned for Will's well-being but still is right enough to say that even when Will is over the edge he's still effective enough to have brought down Gideon. This was a very solid episode of Hannibal and I can't think of a better send off to Gideon that this as I don't think having him recur often would've been as effective but what's more haunting is the way that Hannibal is manipulating Will without his even noticing it as he even speaks to his own psychiatrist about it. I can't wait to see how this season ends. I only hope that Will can get his encephalitis treated before it's too late for him to come back from the edge and we can see him and Alana start a relationship of sorts, hopefully. Also reiterating that we get a second season which is always a great thing to hear about with a show under the ever talented Bryan Fuller's name.
  • Breathtaking, brilliant!

    I cannot express enough how deeply I've been moved by the performance of Hugh Dancy in the last couple of episodes. He portrays Will Graham and his metal fragility, "emphatic disorder", hallucinations, his illness and madness so convincingly, as well as the predator's moves and facial expression of a killer while empathizing with the killers like dr. Gideon in this episode. Congrats to the whole team of writers and directors who managed to create Will's character in such interesting way. I am only wondering how come that Will cannot emphatize with the living monsters like Hannibal, didn't he feel the coldness of psychopath from Hannibal' s side when he spends so much time with him? I think this is because Will expects him to be the objective, not so friendly psychiatrist, the possibility of him being psychopath hasn't occured to him yet, and if this possibility crosses his mind even as a little glimpse, the storm of empathy will come. I love the dynamic between these two characters and wonderful actors, the idea of manipulation and playing with Will's (or Gideon's) mind is brilliant and brilliantly portrayed. I cannot wait what will happen next. I love the idea of Hannibal having the psychiatrist himself, I would like to have some idea what's going on in his mind, I would hate if he would have been only some pure evil monster without any background and reasoning, without any human touch at all. I believe that all he says to Gillian Anderson is basically true, that he really likes Will - in his own way, of course. I think it is becoming clear that as a psychopath, he does not feel friendship in a normal way, but it is something. Perhaps he perceives Will as his favourite pet, harming him a little, trainig him, shaping him in the way he wants him to be - killer, like Hannibal. It is possible that Hannibal became a killer gradually through his vivid and creative imagination, and he wants to defend the image of himself before his own ego: if such a genuine and righteous man as Will became a killer, it would prove - in Hannibal's mind - that what Hannibal became was not his fault, that the nature of his mind and the circumstances forced him to be like this. But this is probably unconscious, explicitly, he perhaps just enjoyes toying with Will and feels something towards him, something he is not sure about what it is yet. I would be glad if the writers tackle these issues explicitly: why Hannibal identifies with Will? What are the parallels between them? What does Hannibal feels towards him?
  • You Will Kill Again

    I really wanted Will to shoot Gideon in the knee; I might find myself missing Person of Interest. This episode was simultaneously slow and incredibly progressive in terms of Will's illness. I'm struggling to understand Hannibal's exact fascination with Will, as it's fluctuated from possible friendship to lab rat without a clear reason. It's part of the reason I have to keep watching. As for Crawford's interest, he's also seemed to swing back and forth between pushing Will on and holding him back, finally settling on pushing him. Alana doesn't seem to be fulfilling her role of protecting Will anymore, so all forces on him are pushing, demanding, molding him into something he's not. A brilliant episode.