Season 2 Episode 2


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Mar 07, 2014 on NBC

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  • Elk-Man

    I usually pride myself in not being squeamish (unless it comes to eyes), but the poor guy escaping from the mural totally got me. The whole opening sequence was beautiful, setting the viewer up to root for the escapee and then dashing those hopes on the rocks. Ouch. Perfect. This week felt less expository/recappy than the premiere, which I loved. The pacing is still a little choppy and it seems to be struggling a bit to find that stride it had last season, but still strong and incredibly well-written. More, please.
  • Sakizuki

    Hannibal kept the ball rolling this week as the mural killer continued his two episode arc. The man who awakened at the end of last week manages to disgustingly tear himself free from his position in the array of bodies strewn about the silo. A thrilling chase ensued but unfortunately after having gone through all that he didn't survive his jump from the cliff's edge to escape the killer in pursuit him. The BAU find the body and assume the killer discarded him because he was "imperfect" for the killer much like the discarded ones from last week despite being entirely covered in the resin. Hannibal continues his therapy with Bedelia who has grown suspicious of Hannibal and decides to cut ties with him to as to not implicate herself and provoke Hannibal to kill her. She tells Jack that she will no longer be speaking to them as well as visiting Hannibal alone in his office (for some reason, someone you call "dangerous"? struck me as odd that she would put herself at risk in that way) and says a really cool line about what she concludes "from the stitched together person suit he wears" that she's dangerous. Will plays the only card he can and brings his enemies closer as he pretends that he no longer thinks Hannibal set him up so as to play a long con of getting Hannibal to make a mistake of some sort. Hannibal continues as his psychiatrist (although I believe officially now) and he says that he doesn't have a grasp of himself. Jack also finds out about Beverly visiting Will in the hospital but decides to let her do it as long as she feels that it's necessary. Beverly once again visits Will and asks for help on the mural killer and he tells her that the body wasn't discarded but that the guy escaped because he had a history of substance abuse and survived the heroin overdose and concludes that the isolated place the killer uses must be upstream from where the body was found and that Hannibal is lying. Interestingly I think Beverly is slightly incapable of disregarding the evidence against Will like he asks for in return for his help since there is in fact so much of it. The FBI Inspector (Cynthia Nixon) visits Will and says that he should plead guilty otherwise the court will seek the death penalty and if he pleads out she will make sure he gets the best care possible. His snap about "Guess that makes me unemployed" was great and the touch of humor that makes the show slightly funny amidst all the darkness. Good tie in with presentation Nixon lays out in saying that the prosecution will say that Will used the encephalitis as an excuse for his killings and murdered Dr. Sutcliffe to cover it up. It makes for an interesting story and the frame job is almost perfect on Hannibal's part. Hannibal also discovers the farm before the FBI does and kills the mural killer and makes him a part of his own mural, thus "finishing it" for him. Hannibal's dialogue describing the existential crisis, along with the leg cooking was disgusting and it was humorous to have him so clearly messing with the BAU. I was confused about Hannibal seemingly teleporting to the farm I thought Fuller was going for exploring the "mind palace" the Thomas Harris books describe about how Hannibal's imagination (aided by his superb sense of smell) help give his mental capacity for visualization the power to nearly astrally project to see the mural. Will concludes that the killer's body was worked into the mural and you'd think that Hannibal would've been more careful to incorporate the mural killer into the pattern of the artwork without being so obvious. But I'm wondering where this leaves the BAU case or if Will's consulting will lead them to ask the question of who killed the mural killer and put him into the pattern? In closing, I gotta get me a full body plastic covering to wear over my suits like Hannibal for when I visit my grandma's house so as to leave no crumbs on her ugly furniture.
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