Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Jun 20, 2013 on NBC

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  • Bryan Fuller is GENIUS!

    I cannot wait for next year's episodes. This Finale sets us up lovely for another season. I can't believe how well the Leads have been cast and the visuals are superb. Why couldn't THE FOLLOWING be this good? Oh, because they didn't have Bryan Fuller that's why. Image what Bryan could have done with DEXTER?
  • Savoureux (Spoilers Ahead)

    What a marvelous way to go out. This could've technically functioned as the series finale but luckily for us we will see the rest of this play out next year on NBC and more people better watch it live dangit or else we won't get the rest. Bryan Fuller has previously stated that he intends for Season 4 to be the Red Dragon plot so we have two more seasons of cat and mouse with Will and Hannibal before we catch up with the first novel. First off, farewell Abigail, you will be missed. You may have been your father's accomplice (Jack was right, admit it) but you still didn't deserve what befell you. It was even more chilling to see the massive build up of blood where she had supposedly gotten her neck slashed although no body was found, leading to the conclusion that no one could really survive losing that much and still live to tell of it. Hannibal shed actual tears to his psychiatrist this week at his ineffectiveness, and an addendum to my last review. Georgia dreamed it was in fact Will who killed Sutcliffe but she couldn't see his face, not some mystery man. Anyway it was painful to see everyone, especially Alana cope with Will's break as he is now being "framed" with all of the copycat murders which doesn't even make sense to him. Jack following the evidence against his liking, "Will Graham is now a serial killer who takes trophies?" in regards to the fishing tackles he makes and a few had human remains from the copycat victims on them. Alana's determination to get to the bottom of it I knew would ultimately lead to another brain scan and they would find the encephalitis that Hannibal hid from Will. But the most intriguing part of the episode came from Will's escape, borrowing from his reliving Dr. Gideon's escape by breaking his own hand and subduing his guards and going to Hannibal's office. Hannibal seemed none too disturbed to find Will there and he makes him go to Minnesota to the Hobbs residence to see where Abigail died for him to be sure he had killed her or not. Will figures that he may have killed Abigail because he was ill and losing time then, but framing him for the others (while making sense from Hannibal's point of view) is a stretch and Will would figure out he hadn't actually killed them of course and claim innocence. Will's epiphany following the dream of Abigail calling back to the episode where Hannibal played the one "that called her father" (also Hannibal had lied that Will was left alone in the office at the site when was the one left inside) and Will deduced this. He holds Hannibal at gunpoint and says that one of them killed Abigail and admits how distorted he saw Hannibal before then, asking if Hannibal is a killer and why he'd been manipulating him while he's been going over the edge. Jack shows up and just as he is about to shoot Hannibal Jack shoots him in the wrist, symbolically putting Will right where Garrett Jacob Hobbs had sat in death watching his daughter bleed out in the pilot and Will even sees the black stag of Hobbs behind Jack when he's there. Complete with the dream in the beginning of the episode, I wonder how Hannibal managed to get that ear into Will? And did he find him sleepwalking outside of his house or lure him out and make him lose time to put the skin of Abigail under his fingernails? The opening did leave a lot of logistical questions I would like answered. And are we to believe that the clocks that Will drew were in fact normal, even though the camera showed us that they were skewed before when Hannibal showed us a well-drawn clock or had he drawn that to make Alana think that Will was faking his symptoms? It's all so complicated but I'm glad it's so layered. Topped with the final image of Will being in the hospital for the criminally insane and Hannibal visiting him behind bars (evoking a reversal of their relationship in Red Dragon) and the warning from Hannibal's psychiatrist that Jack now knows of Hannibal's predilection to developing relationships with violent patients next season has a lot of mystery surrounding it. Because we know where the pieces end up in Red Dragon, but how they get there between now and then is a mystery and makes me want to see all the more. But Will now sees Hannibal with a clarity he hasn't ever so the two will surely be playing games back and forth from now on, provided Will can get out sooner than later. Poor dogs, especially the one that whimpered at Will while he was being taken away. This is a show that has breathed new life into the characters, showing us the monster that Hannibal is while also making him sympathetic at points. What's twisted is how he kills Abigail and yet still cries legitimate tears for not being able to protect her, although his musing on not thinking beyond his death was quite intriguing. But this show is ultimately about Will and Hannibal and Jack will surely have to have some fallout next season for being reckless with Will's mental health with Alana probably giving him a resounding "I told ya Anyway, Season 2 should be pretty good and hopefully with some good ratings and a strong fanbase of more people finding it online and on DVD, hopefully NBC will keep this show around for quite a while. And finally, that "veal" that Hannibal and his psychiatrist ate, that was totally Aibgail.
  • Clever

    Anyone else noticed how the end scene song was the same as the opera scene in Hannibal movie (in Italy)?

    It plays in both the series and the movie around the times where the police officer/Will realise who Hannibal really is.
  • Perched Under My Chin

    They failed to stick the landing. The pacing of this episode was jerky at best, the realizations of Jack and Alana weren't consistent with the beliefs of their characters throughout the rest of the season, the scene in Minnesota was just enough to be heartbreaking but not enough to matter. I think the fact that the audience knew exactly what was going on really hindered this episode. While it's worked in the show's favor through the rest of the season with Hannibal himself, it left nothing up to chance in this episode. The show is about Lecter; we know we can't lose him. Will has to get the short stick. What this episode WAS was a beautiful reminder of how cruel and dangerous the world is. As for next season? I'm not sure where they'll go from here except that I see Will taking a backseat to someone else as Hannibal's new plaything.
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