Hannibal - Season 2

NBC (ended 2015)




Episode Guide

  • Mizumono
    Episode 13

    The trap has been set for Hannibal and as he prepares for his departure, he thinks Will is coming with him. Will though is tying up loose ends and preparation for a different kind of departure, not sure if he'll survive the trap he's set. Both Will and Hannibal feel that Jack ought to have the truth. As loyalties are tested, the fated battle between Hannibal and Jack has arrived.

  • Mukozuke
    Episode 5

    Will offers his help as a profiler when one of the team is found in a grotesque montage. Will tells Jack that it's the work of one person, who is both the Chesapeake Ripper and the Copycat. Dr. Gideon returns to the asylum to verify Will's suspicions, but instead proposes that an end be put to the Ripper once and for all. Will recruits Freddie Lounds to contact his homicidal admirer via her website. Will decides to ask the killer for help dealing with Hannibal. Alana is suspicious about Will's intentions after she reads Freddie's blog and has those suspicions confirmed by Gideon. Alana and Jack hurry to find Hannibal before anything can happen.

  • Takiawase
    Episode 4

    When a body is found in a meadow with the cranial cavity changed into a beehive, the BAU team is called in to investigate. Beverly continues to secretly consult with Will to decipher the mural killer's human tapestry. Will is adamant that Dr. Lecter put the killer in the mural and begs Beverly to prove Lecter is the actual Chesapeake Ripper and Copycat Killer.

  • Tome-wan
    Episode 12

    During therapy, Will shares his vision of how he would kill Hannibal which only seems to strengthen their co-dependency. Hannibal discusses Margot's unfortunate "accident" in a session with Mason. Growing impatient with Will and his progress on catching Hannibal, Jack brings in a surprise witness. When Hannibal's life is jeopardized, Will must decide whether to help him and give Hannibal a chance for revenge.

  • Sakizuki
    Episode 2

    The BAU team, with Dr. Lecter assisting, are close to finding the source of the discarded bodies when one of the victims escapes and, after a deadly fall, provides the team with valuable forensic evidence. Set on proving his innocence, Will puts together his own plan of manipulation. Hannibal, quicker than the BAU team when it comes to putting clues together, finds the killer's silo and helps him with his deadly montage. Feeling guilty over Will, Dr. Crawford agrees to mandated therapy after Dr. Bloom's derisive report and finds it to be of help. When the BAU team finally find the killer's silo, they find a tapestry consisting of forty-seven bodies patched together with the killer amongst them. A much needed boost to Will's mind comes in the form of a visit by Dr. Bedelia du Maurier.

  • Yakimono
    Episode 7

    Miriam Lass is found alive but her foggy memory is making it difficult to identify the Chesapeake Ripper. Will is exonerated by evidence found at the site of Miriam's rescue and released from the asylum. Will warns Dr. Chilton that his intimate knowledge of the Ripper case may put his life in danger. Jack rebuffs Chilton when he tries to pass on that he agrees with Will's fears about Hannibal. Will is immediately reinstated on the BAU team as they hunt for the Ripper. Jack's suspicions about Hannibal's participation builds after Will and Miriam compare notes. Miriam is the key to finding the answer to the true identity of the Ripper but it's not evident that her memory can be relied on.

  • Futamono
    Episode 6

    Missing organs and the artistry of the body of a city councilman found intertwined with a tree suggest the Ripper is continuing his killing spree. Will puts forward the idea that the Ripper is using the victims' organs to load his pantry. Hannibal gives a dinner party and Jack crashes it to collect evidence that the meat is human. Alana is drawn closer to Hannibal even as Jack grows more suspicious. Alana thinks Hannibal is the victim of a witch hunt. The BAU team uses evidence from the man in the tree to pin point a location they think the Ripper used. Upon arrival at the location they discover Miriam Lass - alive.

  • Kō no mono
    Episode 11

    Jack and the BAU team discover the truth about Freddie Lounds' disappearance. Confused about Alana's concern, Will encourages her to arm and protect herself. Will and Hannibal become further engaged with Margot and Mason. Mason thinks Margot plans to get pregnant to produce an heir that will usurp him. Will finds it hard to comprehend why Abigail had to die after Hannibal tells him how much Abigail reminded him of his sister.

  • Shiizakana
    Episode 9

    The BAU team look into the case of a truck driver's body that appears to have been torn apart by two different animal species. Will meets Hannibal's strange new patient after one of his sessions, and they begin to compare notes on Hannibal's alternative therapy. Determined to find Will's true self, Hannibal devises a test but the results surprise him.

  • Kaiseki
    Episode 1

    With Will still in custody for the murder of Abigail, Dr. Lecter steps in to help when bodies wash up on a riverbank. The big question is whether or not Dr. Bloom will be able to help Will regain his memories.

  • Naka-Choko
    Episode 10

    Hannibal and Will grow closer after Will shows his willingness to go to dark places. The BAU team investigate the montage made of Randal Tier and his exoskeleton. Hannibal gives Margot advice about her concerns over her brother Mason's violent nature. Her fear increases when Mason shows her how he's trained pigs to eat human flesh. Will grants Freddie Lounds an interview for her book and finds out she's checking out Will's allegations of Hannibal's possible guilt.

  • Hassun
    Episode 3

    As Will's trial starts, he watches as those closest to him are forced to take sides. Dr. Crawford accepts his responsibility for pushing Will over the edge. When an enthusiastic fan starts recreating crimes similar to the ones that Will is accused of committing, those closest to Will start to doubt his guilt. One last key victim will determine the outcome of the entire trial.

  • Su-zakana
    Episode 8

    Hannibal proposes that Will be brought in to help when a woman's body is found inside a horse. Will appears to have shed his distrust of Hannibal but Alana isn't convinced and worries about Hannibal's safety. Although the FBI question the man they think is the killer, they can't hold him for lack of evidence. But Will's own judgment may be in peril as he and Hannibal rush to keep a witness safe.