Hannibal - Season 3

NBC (ended 2015)




Episode Guide

  • 8/29/15

    In the series finale, Will hatches a cunning plot to slay Francis Dolarhyde, using Hannibal Lecter in his ploy. Bedelia voices concern about the perilous plan as Will continues his game with Hannibal, though Will may have to face his darkest fears.

  • 8/22/15

    Will and the FBI devise a risky plan to lure Francis Dolarhyde into an ambush. Meanwhile, Bedelia Du Maurier gives Will a warning as his empathy for Dolarhyde begins impacting his fragile psyche, and Dolarhyde launches a terrifying endgame.

  • 8/15/15

    The Red Dragon threatens to strike very close to those who are hunting him. Will and Jack suspect that he'll soon kill again, yet they lack a solid lead. Meanwhile, Hannibal is offered a chance at redemption, and Dolarhyde grapples with his feelings for his coworker.

  • 8/8/15

    Dolarhyde finds a way to approach and communicate directly with Dr. Lecter. The Tooth Fairy believes that only Hannibal can help him gain a better understanding of himself. Will starts to feel uneasy with his frequent consultations with Lecter fearing that the bond will become more powerful and ultimately lead him to his destruction. Will decides to seek the help of Dr. du Maurier believing she is the only person who can make him understand about his current plight. Carvings depicting the Great Red Dragon seen from the crime scenes help the Bureau and Will gain more insight on Francis Dolarhyde's twisted and disturbing psychology.

  • The search for serial killer Francis Dolarhyde heats up as Will delves into dangerous territory. He envisions himself in Dolarhyde's psyche and contacts Hannibal Lecter for help in profiling the killer. Meanwhile, a new woman enters Dolarhyde's life.

  • 7/25/15

    Hannibal has been imprisoned for three years at the Baltimore State Hospital when a new villain emerges in one Francis Dolarhyde. Jack reaches out to Will to help him track down the brutal serial killer.

  • Digestivo
    Episode 7

    Hannibal and Will are delivered to Mason's Muskrat Farm. Alana plots Will's rescue. Hannibal reminds Margot not to trust Mason to keep his promises. Jack lets Chiyoh know Hannibal's location.

  • Dolce
    Episode 6

    Will and Jack reunite and renew their alliance, yet Jack questions Will's true loyalty. Meanwhile, Hannibal and Bedelia sense their time in Florence is reaching its end as Hannibal plots his final stand, and Mason Verger plans Hannibal's capture.

  • Contorno
    Episode 5

    The hunt for Hannibal heats up, as Crawford and Pazzi seek clues that will lead them to Hannibal's location. Elsewhere, Will and Chiyoh journey to Florence in a quest to track down Hannibal, and Alana continues to work with Mason Verger.

  • Aperitivo
    Episode 4

    Dr. Chilton returns after surviving a disfiguring gunshot and rallies support to capture Hannibal, using Will as bait. Meanwhile, Jack urges Will to abandon the dangerous notion of finding Hannibal.

  • Secondo
    Episode 3
    Will gains a potential ally in his continuing hunt for Hannibal when he makes his way to Hannibal's childhood home in Lithuania. Elsewhere, Jack arrives in Italy and hopes to avert tragedy by finding Will, and Bedelia gives Hannibal a warning.
  • Primavera
    Episode 2

    It's been eight months since the fight that almost took his life and with his wounds now healed, Will Graham heads to Europe in search of closure with Hannibal. Will arrives in Palermo, Italy to find a disturbing gift. Inspector Rinaldo Pazzi is suspicious of Will's arrival. Twenty years earlier Pazzi pursued a Florentine killer known as "Il Mostro" and, after reading Will's file, is sure that Hannibal Lecter and "Il Mostro" are one and the same. Pazzi tries to enlist Will's help in catching Hannibal, but Will is unsure of where his own allegiance lies.

  • Antipasto
    Episode 1

    Season 3 picks up after the shocking events of last season with Hannibal on the run in Europe, accompanied by his psychiatrist Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier. Hannibal has assumed a new identity and life in Florence, Italy working at the Palazzo Capponi Museum. He hasn't rid himself of his insatiable appetite and opulent tastes which are still on display. Glimpses into the past help enlighten his relationship with Bedelia, a pairing not clearly defined as friend or foe.