Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Apr 25, 2014 on NBC

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  • Private Carnage

    The plot is thicker than ever but has never been more obvious. I'm really hoping there's still a big reveal in store for the end of this season, because what they've given us as an audience means we know too much of the outcome. Where the episode went was a delight, though it's been a long time coming. You have to play Hannibal's game if he's to continue thinking he's winning. I fear for his psychiatrist after this episode, however. Good episode, if you look past the velociraptor feeling of the first few minutes.
  • The Beast Within (Spoilers Ahead)

    Hannibal delivered another astonishing episode this week as we get another fascinating killer-of-the-week who makes his kills seem like animal attacks. The BAU investigate the murder of a trucker but the teeth marks at the crime scene don't match any one animal (a mixture of wolf and bear teeth) that perplexes them. Meanwhile, Margot continues her sessions with Hannibal and probes her further towards doing something about her brother Mason. She meets Will and finds his home to compare notes on what Dr. Lecter is like as a therapist. I did like the nod that Margot is in fact a lesbian, something that they shouldn't be afraid to keep in the continuity of the show. This combined with the BAU discovering that the killer is actually a former patient of Lecter's (a plot point borrowed from Silence of the Lambs in the form of how Hannibal knew who Jame Gumb was because he was treating Jame's partner) lead him to think that Hannibal may be manipulating his patients with psychopathic tendencies to indulge their urges and become killers as he does with the young boy now. After being questioned by the BAU he is merely kept under observation after having killed a couple on top of a frozen lake. The scenes that really crackle are the scenes between Will and Hannibal that has all the menace and power of seeing two predators circle each other before engaging in battle. The image at the top of the episode where Will has his stag pulling Hannibal from a noose linked to a tree is a great showcase of the visuals and prowess put into this show. Jack seems to be lost and whether he truly still suspects Hannibal or not remains to be seen. After all we know their big fight is coming up in just a few episodes so I'm always trying to connect the dots to see how we segue from point A to point B. Even Hannibal using the boy with the animal suit didn't come off as a lazily recycled plot point from when Will did it it felt completely fresh as Hannibal had more insidious reasons for doing it. He wants to test Will and part of making him, as a friend, be more like him is to be on his toes and constantly challenged to stay upright. Will manages to kill his attacker (offscreen) and he displays the body on Hannibal's dining room table, declaring them both even of trying to kill one another. While a killer-of-the-week episode we did get to see the incredible Jeremy Davies back as his character from last week who is now in a psychiatric care facility and has a mouse/rat? named Kevin who keeps him company. I'm sure he will come back into play at some point but having the latter part of the season focus on Hannibal and Will might just be the most intriguing material the show has delved into thus far with the Chesapeake Ripper mystery door closed (although not forever). Will's transformation from the unhinged neurotic he was back in Season 1 to the new haircut and conniving nature of Season 2 Will shows how much character evolution Bryan Fuller and his writing team know how to make the show the best it can be. Too bad there's only a handful left of episode but better to be 13 than 24 like other network shows.
  • Where are you going Will?

    I must admit I was concerned when Will was arrested. Not knowing what was going to happen,; but as usual they have totally surprised and scared me silly. I love and fear who Will might be turning into. So this is how his patients.