Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM May 09, 2013 on NBC

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  • Friends

    What seems to be a victim of the Chesapeake Ripper shows up in a bathtub with sutures cut open. Will walks through the crime scene and believes that whoever did that was trying to save the person's life by massaging their heart by opening their own sutures after having performed a botched procedure of some sort. Since the Ripper's MO includes humiliation of some sort in his staging Jack believes whoever did this, despite the organ removal and finding Miriam Lass's hand last week, is not the Ripper. Lecter murders a medical examiner he sees as rude in a flashback and takes four others to provide for a dinner party per suggestion of a friend of his which complicates the hotel organ victim as a possible other Ripper kill. This episode began to show us more on Hannibal aka the Ripper's MO and how he selects his victims through business cards and different recipes in his Rolodex. Also brought up in Will and Hannibal's discussion is the notion, as the books also had, of Hannibal killing those he believes to be rude or cruel in some respect, for example the guy who took his blood with whom he inquired for a business card of. Jack's recurring nightmare conveyed effectively his own fears about Will after seeming so eager to catch the Ripper through Will while at the same time fearing for Will's life if he got too close to the Ripper. This connected well with the last episode bringing up Miriam and the Ripper's typical 18 month window which indeed started again but didn't stick to the (similar to Trinity Killer) limit of 3 per cycle as per usual. As Jack notes if the Ripper is starting again, after the Hobbs' copycat and Miriam Lass's hand, and needs to be found while he's still actively killing. Their later victims of the episode are all victims of botched surgery and while the Ripper connection still seems prevalent Will still insists on a different sort. This was also a great episode to show us inside a little more of Hannibal's routine beyond simply cooking and drinking wine, but instead interacting with his own psychiatrist and slightly obsessive patient Franklin. Franklin stalking Lecter is amusing seeing how Franklin's curiosity could well lead to his demise should he learn too much, but at the same time I believe Hannibal to be much too careful to kill someone so close to him personally. The montage of his Rolodex/Recipe kills/removals were delightfully macabre and made me not want to eat for quite some time. Word of advice: never watch Hannibal hungry you feel guilty afterwards, since there is such a negative value judgment on cannibalism as it is. Hannibal's very suggestion to Will of the organ taker possibly harvesting the organs puts Will in the direction he needs to go as he continues to have trouble getting Garrett Jacob Hobbs out of his head. Hannibal actually learns something from his very own hunters from his excursion with them to follow the lead on the kill vehicle which is a private ambulance. They track the vehicle down and catch the Harvester mid-saving and Hannibal saves the life of the victim by fixing the heart problem. Now what the would-be doctor was doing with the victims, obviously harvesting organs, was for practice to simply become a doctor with practice on live patients or to harvest the organs for financial gain was not elaborated on as he simply was shown, had a line, and then was promptly arrested. But the episode showed us also how very protective Alana is of Will and her "just wanting everyone to leave him alone" much like a big sister would which complexifies their relationship a great deal. The final scene showing Hannibal toasting the dinner party guests is a clear homage to the books and his line was suitably double meaning, "I must warn you. Nothing here is Another interesting scene was Hannibal with his psychiatrist and how she observes that he wears a "well-tailored person-suit" being quite observationally apt. I can see Hannibal continuing to see her from a standpoint of seeing someone who truly has perspective on you as a person and that intimacy being quite sufficient for relational talk and even sharing wine as they do. The insight into Hannibal's decision to give up doing surgery because he lost a patient and instead focused on culinary arts was a link I wish that the writers had made sooner given that we hadn't known until last episode that he had been a surgeon before becoming a psychiatrist. The recurring theme of friends in this episode fit nicely as Hannibal silently refuses Franklin's friendship, who himself rejects his friend Tobias's friendship, and seems more prone to "touching greatness" than a mutually beneficial friendship. Hannibal describing how he enjoys friends, a total lie it would seem, was great to see as his extra-curricular activities stop him from having a social life outside of his culinary skills or love for the opera, or from being followed while cheese shopping. But what last week's episode did for Jack as a character with a dark past this episode did with Hannibal and his routine. I hope the show continues to delve into other characters, perhaps into other members of the BAU in Jack's Unit or even an Alana Bloom episode would be great to see them fleshed out (pun sort of intended) a little more.