Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Apr 18, 2014 on NBC

Episode Recap

Will invites Jack for a bit of ice fishing on his property. Jack appears to enjoy the experience despite it being more difficult to catch fish. Will says to catch the fish that are less hungry in the winter you have to change your tactics. Jack says that if Will can hook the fish, Jack will land them. Meanwhile, the fish, or Lecter that is, prepares a meal of fish in a subtle play on who is luring who. He prepares this meal specifically for Will and Jack, who have actually provided the fish. The two men have come for a meeting at Lecter's house. Lecter says they all need to move past the accusations telling them that they all need each other in order to move forward.

Meanwhile, a vet checks out a dead mare. Scarily, the pair of men find stitching on the mare's abdomen. Inside, once the horse's intestines and organs were removed, they find a woman. The two men fall backwards in fright. When the team arrives, Hannibal believes the horse was ill which goes against a sacrificial practice. Jimmy and Brian say that the woman was strangled. The woman was placed into a womb for a new life. It is about giving life but also taking one.

A new client has come to Lecter in search of treatment. Margot Verger states she is being tormented by her twin brother and is being drugged by him. She later attacked him but they continue to be at odds. Margot cannot state whether she is going to try and hurt her brother again because then Lecter would have to report her to the authorities. Lecter states that it would be more therapeutic if she did kill him. Later, Alana and Lecter are in bed. Alana still worries about Will and Lecter's contact with him through therapy. Lecter suggests that Will tried to have him killed to save Alana.

Jimmy and Brian look over the body and notice that there is soil lodged deep within the body's throat. Jimmy notices that there is a heartbeat. Brian confirms this and the team dig into the body hoping to figure out what is giving them a pulse. The woman is clearly dead but they extract a live bird from the victim's heart. This case just got weirder. Will heads to the stable in which the body and horse mare were found dead. Will uses his power to enter the mind of the killer. The killer wants to calm and comfort the ones he kills. He uses a needle to drug the mare and then places the body of the woman inside the womb of the horse. The killer hopes that the woman will be reborn in the afterlife. The killer knew the horse because the horse's latest birth was a stillborn. According to Will, the killer was expressing grief in his act and may have worked at the horse farm previously.

Jack and Will locate a former employee, Peter, who is hoarding animals. The strange man denies he committed the murder. But Peter knows the victim. Will figures the man has a brain injury. He confirms that a horse kicked him in the head, leading to atypical motor control. His ability to touch and look can only happen as separate events. Will suggests that this employee did not do it but he may know the person who did. Later, Will discusses the case with Lecter. Lecter asks how he feels about working with Jack again. Will tells him that Lecter was the one that destroyed him not Jack. Will says he prefers sins of omission rather than Lecter's overt lies. Truth for truth, Lecter says. Lecter asks why Will has returned to him. Will says he fantasized about killing him. Will discovered a truth about himself when he tried to have Lecter killed. Lecter asks if Will is going to try to kill him again. Will says no because he finally finds Lecter interesting.

The FBI team traces the soil found in the victim's throat to a mass burial site. The FBI is on the scene investigating and Brian apologizes to Will about his doubts before they continue. Approximately fifteen bodies have been found. Back in Lecter's office, he counsels Margot again. Her parents have forgiven the son and legitimized his behavior. Margot feels that her brother will not stop until she is dead. Lecter suggests finding someone who can kill her brother for her. Will visits Peter's house once more to show him the bird. Will tries to determine whether the employee knows the real killer, a friend or apparently calm person who commits the acts. Peter reluctantly denies he knows the killer.

Alana interviews Peter's social worker because his notes regarding Peter are drastically different from previous social workers. Peter has apparently had consistent cognitive problems since his injury. Alana wonders how the social worker Clark Ingram is feeling since Peter has suspected him in the murder of the 16 people. The social worker feels inconvenienced but also states again that Peter has cognitive difficulties. Alana tries to talk to Clark but he gives no emotion. Will and Lecter watch behind the viewing glass noting how emotionally absent Clark is. Clark says there is no evidence against him and wants to go home. Jack orders Alana to stop the interview, even though Will feels this man is a danger.

When Peter returns home, all of his animals have been removed from his property. This upsets Peter and the stress makes his cognitive symptoms worse. He runs to his stable where his own horse has been killed. Clark is there and tells Peter that he is displaying a lot of rage lately. Clark further tries to insinuate that Peter killed the woman. Lecter and Will drive out to Peter's property hoping to intercept.

Once they arrive, they find Peter's animals missing and head down to his stable. Peter is sewing up the mare when they barge in. Will wants to know whether Clark is inside the horse. Peter says yes. Will tries to remove Peter from the scene to talk to him. Will learns, however, the Peter did not kill Clark, he just put him in the womb as a torment. As this occurs Clark is able to break out of the mare and reach the hammer. Clark stands, covered in guts and blood and Lecter tries to get him to crawl back in. Will approaches from behind with a gun. Will says he is not an officer, he is Peter's friend. Will is ready to shoot Clark for trying to frame Peter and tells Clark to pick up the hammer. Lecter prevents him from shooting and takes the gun from him, telling Will that he will regret it. Lecter says that he is fascinated by Will's unpredictability, and the two of them arrest Clark.