Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Apr 18, 2014 on NBC

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  • Strange episode

    Strange episode. Completely not connected to the whole rest. Like either an episode linking to this one is missing or there was a need to give the viewers some kind of a filler episode.
  • Rebirth

    That was a little intresting little creepy but another great episode this case or murder was very different that the murderer was not killing them to make them dead but to give them a life a very very diffrent concept of rebirth and i like the beautifully they show the indirect relation of the murderer and will's. I realized that will was very confident,clever and stable while having conversations with hannibal so overall it was a great episode and margot character is also little intresting still lot to find out from am waiting for michael pitt's character
  • A Horse of A Different Color

    Hannibal slowed things down a bit this week as we the audience adjusted to the new dynamic between Will and Hannibal now that Will is back in therapy as we move into the second half of this incredible season. The killer of the week seems to have sewed a dead woman inside of a horse and the path leads Will (back to consulting for the FBI) and the BAU to a mentally challenged Jeremy Davies (always nice to see him pop up) who had been kicked in the head by a horse when he had worked at the stables. Most intriguingly is that all signs point to his character, Scott, but when they dig deeper it leads them to someone very much in a similar Will/Hannibal dynamic. It was also nice to see Hannibal and Will on even ground now that they both know what the other is capable of, even Will says that he won't tolerate lies since he knows what Hannibal is. Their cat-and-mouse game will surely continue throughout the season and it looks like Hannibal's method to gain a friend who truly knows him has worked better than he could've possibly imagined. Also entered into the foray this week is Margot Verger (sister of Mason Verger who we will no doubt meet at some point) and how Hannibal tells her that it would've been better when she was younger to kill her brother for having tortured her in the ambiguous way we are shown it happened. But she will become important later on, but it was nice to see Hannibal actually seeing another patient since besides Will and the crazy obsessive guy from last season we don't often see him in sessions that much. Turns out that Scott points to his social worker as the actual killer of horse lady, someone who holds immense power over Scott in the direct parallel with Hannibal and Will, and nobody will believe Scott given his disability. What happened was that Scott put her body into the horse and sewed it up to make her death "mean something" and Clark, the social worker, had killed 16 people as the BAU finds evidence of buried in the same location as horse lady was found in. The comeuppance was nice to see as Scott knocked out Clark and sewed him into another horse much to the surprise of Will and Hannibal. Hannibal's "you'd better crawl back into there if you know what's good for you" was the line of the night to take away humor-wise. Will wanting to execute Clark shows his newfound want to "do bad things to bad people" as Hannibal puts in his session with Margot and to Will but that if he's going to do it "you have to do it for yourself" and not for someone else. The relationship between Hannibal and Will is more intriguing than ever and it was nice to see Will bond with another victim of a power imbalanced relationship who had been betrayed by someone they thought was supposed to help them. But surely as we round the corner into the final few episodes where Jack fights Hannibal more will surely come to light about the true identity of the Chesapeake Ripper. After all, to stay not-caught Hannibal has to no longer kill at least with the Ripper modus operandi. But he's proven capable of mirroring other killers so if he does decide to pick up the plastic suit again, as it were, he can surely make the blame be pointed elsewhere.
  • Social Work

    After so much in-depth, important-to-the-overarching-plot episodes this season, it felt almost like a disappointment to go back to the case of the week. Don't get me wrong, it was wonderful to see Will back in the field and to catch those glimpses of Jack and Will playing Hannibal. Yes, it related to Will's situation and allowed him to plant some bait, but I'm left with this feeling that it could have had higher stakes. I loved Hannibal catching the hammer of the gun, and of course the "Is your social worker in that horse" line. Maybe I just can't see how it's going to play out yet and that's what's getting to me, but it just felt less impactful this week.