Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Mar 21, 2014 on NBC

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  • Coins

    This week's Hannibal maintained the ever-steady momentum of the second season as Will made new deals with devils he knew to expose Hannibal as the Chesapeake Ripper. He finally somewhat convinced Beverly of his theory and for her to look deeper into the mural killer's positioning in his own crime scene and potential clues that might be hidden there by Hannibal while Will says he'll works things out in his head. He makes a deal with the loathsome Dr. Chilton that in exchange for giving him exclusive access to Will Graham's mind he will no longer be treated by Hannibal Lecter. Chilton agrees given the publications he could write on the subject as Will tempted Chilton with the very stroking his ego needed. Using psychotherapeutic drugs to induce what can only be described as memory recovery Will remembers details he didn't before as Hannibal was the one dosing him with drugs that, when combined with his encephalitis, made him lose the gaps in time back in Season 1. This also hauntingly showed us just how pre-meditated and perfect Hannibal's setup of Will has been from last year and how much planning it must've taken to get to where Will is now. But Chilton indeed suspects that Hannibal's "unorthodox treatments" may have been what led Will to his state of psychosis but Chilton seems to stand by his fellow psychiatrist by remembering that when Dr. Gideon accused Chilton of convincing him he was the Chesapeake Ripper Hannibal kept his mouth shut about the psychic driving Chilton performed on Gideon. The killer of the week made human bee hives to harvest honey as a way to let them die peacefully, mainly in a euthanasia sort of way. Seeing her give the old guy a lobotomy (even though it was offscreen) and then removing his eyes when we see him later was just disgusting, even for this show as the crunching sounds come in and he is still left alive as a shell of a person by her. When she is confronted by the FBI finally she doesn't even deny it. Death was also front and center in Hannibal's storyline this week as we see Bella (Mrs. Crawford played by the ever excellent Gina Torres from Firefly) return and how her chemo treatments are leaving her weak and unwilling to live. Her and Hannibal's meditations on death were eye-opening as Hannibal reflected on Socrates writing death as "a release" as he saw it that way as well. I would like Hannibal to go back to seeing regular patients again, which seemed like the case in this episode but when Bella shows up in his office saying that she's taken all of her morphine all it took was a coin-toss of "save her or don't" for him to decide to revive her and she is obviously less than grateful with how much pain she is in. Once awoken in the hospital she slaps Hannibal and won't forgive him for not letting her die then since she is going to die in pain now thanks to him. But Hannibal is right that she was going to rob Jack of his goodbye which doesn't seem very fair to him. I get that she's in pain and it brings up the question of whose choice it really is to live or die in this instance given that Bella saw her mother go through the same thing. But Laurence Fishburne, Gina Torres, and Mads Mikkelsen all had the best material this week that was in direct parallel with how the Bee Killer acupuncturist claimed her victims and to "put them at I also really enjoyed Will's mind palace of his own (showing us that he is indeed Hannibal's near intellectual equal with his mental constructions' elaborateness) and his scene with Abigail Hobbs in his mind as he taught her to cast off and he subtly admits that she was dear to him, indeed the most significant person that he wanted to but was incapable to save from harm. The seizures also are explained with the clock drawing Hannibal made him do as well which was a great touch. Will finally even came to the conclusion that Hannibal is a cannibal and eating his victims (parts of them anyway) after Beverly takes a look and finds that the mural killer's kidney had been removed under the stitching as well as the leg so the stitches were hiding them. Bryan Fuller really does have a respect for bees, as evidenced by the Pushing Daisies episode Bzzzzzzzzzzz! Which he wrote. Beverly then did a very dumb thing, and rather than taking everything she found right to Jack (who might actually believe her since it's not coming directly from Will) she decides to search Hannibal's house and she finds his "trophies" in a downstairs fridge. Man, if Hannibal didn't kill people and serve them to me I would totally go to a dinner party at his house, look at the wine selection he has. We don't know exactly what Beverly saw before her "Jesus" as she stares offscreen into darkness but then the big reveal comes in as Hannibal shows up right behind her and right as she turns to him he shuts off the lights and we are given a spectacular sounds of about four gunshots and then silence leaving Beverly and Hannibal's confrontation ambiguous as to the outcome. I was getting quite attached to Beverly, it would be strange to not the have the show without her but given what she's found I'm sure Hannibal has culinary related plans for her body (ick!). There goes one of the only female characters, and the BAU and Will will certainly be suspicious of her disappearance but hopefully the bullethole in Hannibal's kitchen from below will help lead to undoing. Can't wait till next week to see the resolution of that and what else TV's most macabrely delicious show has in store for us.
  • Already Behind You

    It's time things got real. While the case of the week served to give Beverly the clues she needed to make the connections, I really could have done without hippy drugged lady and her crreepy 'good' smile. Bella was a good person to bring back, to get the wheels turning on Jack's mindset surrounding the future fight. I'm willing to put money down we lose Bella. Finally, and of course, Beverly. I was yelling at my TV. I was flailing on my couch. I don't know what to do with myself. I knew it was coming and I tried to prepare for it, but you really can't. And the way it played out was perfect. Even that little heartbreak that she WANTED to tell Jack but couldn't because he wasn't there. Oh, Beverly, you were so smart, why did you do something so dumb?