Season 2 Episode 12


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM May 16, 2014 on NBC

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  • HannbiabalEpisode

    Can't wait until its back on the air please oh man this good to see Hollween is near ur best ur work very heard on this television series can't wait until ur back on television
  • Bay of Pigs (Spoilers Ahead)

    Will and Hannibal meet for therapy and both admit how they want someone dead. Hannibal, giving tribute to the books, wants Mason dead because he is Will wants Hannibal dead at his hands much as Randall Tier was when he killed him. Will also fantasizes about feeding Hannibal to Mason's pigs and cuts his throat in his fantasy. Will telling Hannibal that he turned Mason onto him and his response of merely being curious how it played out shows just how intricate the tangled web of deception and murder is being woven in those moments. Jack and Will meet and Jack reveals that he has found Dr. Du Maurier (Gillian Anderson) who was "hard to She is willing to testify but much as the situation with Will is Hannibal never reveals anything outright he influences you to do things and never admits to anything after the fact in a direct way. I did like the twist that Du Maurier had been the one that had killed her patient rather than Hannibal killing the patient in defense of her. It goes much more into the themes of the season and how Hannibal "adopts" psychopaths to manipulate them to his whims. Will is cautioned on all sides, Jack and Du Maurier, that he be careful lest he be playing right into Hannibal's plans and is being subtly manipulated while trying to catch Hannibal as the Ripper. Hannibal himself points out that the similarities between them make them both capable of deceiving one another which makes us as the audience unaware when one of them is being forthright or not. Du Maurier is right that if Hannibal wants Will close, it's because he is letting him be there and is aware of it. Poor Margot, after her hysterectomy we see her looking in a mirror and she's right that Mason probably had them do the surgery the old-fashioned way to leave the scars on her body to symbolize his power over it and her by extension. Mason makes his move and sends his Italian thugs to fetch Hannibal in his office. Lecter skillfully dispatches one with a scalpel, another with his legs, but not before being outdone by how outnumbered he is and gets tazed. He awakens tied up as in Will's dream tied to a chain by his hands in front of Mason, Will, and his thugs. Mason is going to a lot of effort here, and him using Will to do his dirty work shows that no one is really willing to get their hands dirty, especially Mason and Lecter who manipulate and pay other to do their dirty work for them, as he says, "I leashed the dog. Now you put him In the moment when Will could have all we believe he wants he cuts Lecter free instead of his restraints. The sequence itself, with Will being hit on the head by a thug while Lecter becomes a blur and then Will awakening to blood smeared everywhere evokes much more fear than if we had seen it play out as it has happened. In fact, Hannibal had dispatched the thugs and abducted Mason; shooting him full of psychedelic drugs. Mason likes the feeling and Lecter (in a haunting way and perfectly executed sequence) instructs Mason to show him how Verger Sr. would've butchered a pig, but "on Will comes home to find Winston (the dramatic, in the nick of time heroic pupster) waiting by the door as he has before. Inside we see a drugged out Mason feeding bits of his face to Will's dogs. This was so gleefully grotesque to see and Mason almost had not cognition of what he had done to himself, even biting off and eating his own nose at one point at Hannibal's suggestion. His enthused, "I'm full of myself" is darkly comic and brought an uncomfortable laugh out of me. It works even better seeing it partially implied by the darkened atmosphere of the room. No doubt the makeup team (which is already incredible could've pulled it off in full light) but having it part showed, part implied makes it all the more eery as he continues to cut himself to pieces. Mason is hospitalized under his manor's care and is interrogated by Jack (who is no doubt suspicious after having seen all that happens to patients of Dr. Lecter) if Hannibal had anything to do with his maiming. Mason sticks to a fake (but still slightly plausible story) that he had fallen into the pig pit and been rendered unconscious so his pigs ate his face and Margot rescued him. This repayment from Hannibal incapacitates his enemy while also giving justice to Margot, who can now manipulate her way into the fortune by having Mason not able to walk (thanks to a neck snap by Hannibal that I thought would surely kill him but it's more pleasing for someone like Hannibal to disfigure his enemy and let him live with it when he sees that enemy as much of a cockroach as he does Mason Verger). Mason's line about "wanting to repay the Doctor in kind one day" will surely play out when we circle back around to the events of Hannibal when the shows gets to it (if it lasts that long). We could honestly never seen the Vergers until Season 6 (when Bryan Fuller says they'll adapt the events of Hannibal) since the characters are in the exact introductory place they need to be. But I hope that's not the case and we get little glimpses into their lives here and there throughout the series until that point rather than just jarringly not seeing them for about three seasons. Is it me, or is it creepier to see Mason with a plastic smiling face mask covering his mangled face than actually seeing the mangled face itself? Especially hearing him talk muffled out of it. Good art direction on the room too, as he describes the fish below the floor to Jack as he interrogates him. Next week, the big fight, and the answer hopefully to the question of why Will let Hannibal go. Does he really want to see him be brought to justice as the Ripper? He plants the seed into Hannibal's mind at episode's end to "reveal himself" to Jack but I don't know if it'll take. Was that a conscious choice to free Hannibal or something Hannibal manipulated him to do and Will's unaware of it. Thinking it's his own agency not wanting Hannibal dead but instead behind bars? It's a circular logic pattern but one that is begged to be asked by the well executed nuance of the show. But I'm glad the show is allowed to show dogs eating human flesh on a network show and it goes to show that Hannibal is in no way handicapped by the network label that NBC puts onto it. I'm excited to see how/when the fight happens and the events that lead up to it from here and where it leaves our characters for the already announced third season. Fuller has said that it's a bit of a cliffhanger so I'm really glad we're getting a third course. What might the names of the episodes be if season 1's were French and Season 2's were Japanese. There's so much to choose from. Season 2 has carried the mythos and framework of the books and made it wholly its own surprising both book reading fans and casual viewers (no such thing on a show as thematically taxing as this) alike. I only hope Season 3 can match the unbridled brilliance that Season 2 has managed to maintain throughout all of its run.
  • Eat Your Nose

    Whew, this episode has been long coming and was very well executed. It makes me fear a bit for certain characters in the immediate future, but if it didn't it wouldn't be doing its job. We're definitely reaching the denouement as well - back to that teaser fight scene we were given at the beginning of the season. It's not pretty and it's not clean and it's everything I wanted out of the season but didn't know I did going in. Brilliant.
  • Manupulation

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was an amazing, emotional manipulating and violant episode from the start it was looking great from the start the emotional scene between Hannibal and will was just great and then the table was set for the food the fish dish was was very intreasting and amusing to see the kind of jelly he Hannibal made after that Gillian andreson return was surprising she looked so worried sad then she said all the truth about Hannibal was superb and then what I can say about mason the way he started slicing his skin and then feeding to the dogs remind me of the walking dead zombies his face was brought so much violence to the episode and it was not good to see the murders or blood as compare to other episode where the murders were presented beatufully but this one was a pity one and disturbing one and now just waiting for the season finale the fight between Hannibal and jack and who kills whom so just six days from season finale the countdown starts from today