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The BAU team, with Dr. Lecter assisting, are close to finding the source of the discarded bodies when one of the victims escapes and, after a deadly fall, provides the team with valuable forensic evidence. Set on proving his innocence, Will puts together his own plan of manipulation. Hannibal, quicker than the BAU team when it comes to putting clues together, finds the killer's silo and helps him with his deadly montage. Feeling guilty over Will, Dr. Crawford agrees to mandated therapy after Dr. Bloom's derisive report and finds it to be of help. When the BAU team finally find the killer's silo, they find a tapestry consisting of forty-seven bodies patched together with the killer amongst them. A much needed boost to Will's mind comes in the form of a visit by Dr. Bedelia du Maurier.

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Mar 15, 2014
A beautifully written and execute episode. We got great insight into Hannibal's mental state, as he both professed his love for and killed in order to cast doubt on the case against Will--but left just enough vagaries to make it not quite kosher, to the observant eye. Madness and lyricism, all at once. Best show on television.

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