Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Apr 11, 2014 on NBC

Episode Recap

The FBI has arrived at the location where Miriam has been held for over a year. Her arm is missing as Lecter previously cut it off just above the elbow. She is cleaned and examined by the team to determine if there are any clues to the person behind her capture. After a shower and some new clothes, Jack finds her memory extremely foggy. She is shocked to find that the Chesapeake Ripper is still out there somewhere. She remembers very vague details because she was highly drugged during the removal of her arm. She explains that she was not scared though, he was calm and wanted to deliver the arm to Jack. She was being spared for last apparently.

Alana informs Lecter that Miriam has been found and interviews Lecter as a suspect. Alana says that she doesn't want to do this, but Jack has implicated him. Lecter looks toward the viewing window and looks into Miriam's face. Miriam tells Jack that Lecter is not the killer. At the Baltimore State Hospital, Chilton decides to check on Will who has been preparing for his release since all charges have been dropped. The Chesapeake Ripper has set him free, Chilton says. Chilton wonders whether he can help Will so as to avoid ending up as dinner. Will suggests that he confess to Lecter about his treatment with Gideon. Now that Gideon is dead, Will suggests that Chilton will be next. Convincing Jack that Lecter is the killer could be Chilton's last move. Will encounters Jack on his way out and learns that Miriam has been found alive. Jack tells Will that Miriam denied Lecter was the killer but Jack says that it was not definitive enough.

They head to the location where Miriam was found, the property that was condemned years ago. They head inside the barn and find the surgical table with associated tools. They also find blood from Beverly Katz because she was drained before being frozen and sliced. Will repeats his mantra from an earlier episode: catch a fish and if it gets away, it will be harder to catch a second time. Will uses his power to enter the mind of the killer. He looks around and finds the contents emptying. He turns and finds the body of the councilor who was basically attached to a living tree, inside the dilapidated house. The killer has cultivated a number of events leading to this point. Will suggests that the Chesapeake Ripper stashed Miriam here for Jack to find. Everything has been planned. Evidence in this place will lead them away from Lecter. They cannot trust anything to appear to be what it really seems to be.

Will returns home for the first time in months. His many dogs greet him, as well as Alana who appears from his home. Alana says he has challenged her views of him. She cannot let go of the fact that he tried to have Lecter killed. She says he is wrong about Lecter, but Will states that is false. He is not wrong about Lecter. No longer doubtful of Lecter's intents and motives. Alana wants to know whether he will act again. Will only says that Lecter is dangerous and to stay away. She doesn't seem convinced as she leaves.

Chilton tells Jack that he is offering his services to the FBI pro bono to help find the Chesapeake Ripper. He also would like protection given as he wishes to continue living. Chilton suggests that Lecter buried memories in Miriam just as he did with Will. Chilton thinks he can recover memories from Miriam as well. Meanwhile, Miriam receives a very advanced bionic arm and later meets with Will. Will says that he could not remember what the Ripper did to him either but he did eventually recall. Will says the Ripper induced seizures with lights and blacked out. Miriam believes that the Ripper use similar techniques on her.

Lecter heads to retrieve something from his refrigerator when his uncanny olfactory ability picks up on Will's aftershave. Will appears from the darkness, with his gun aimed right at Lecter. He remembers Lecter asking Will whether it would feel good to kill Lecter. Now, Will wants to pick up that conversation. Will says he would feel righteous in killing Lecter. Lecter suggests that if he is not the killer, Will would be killing an innocent man. Will gets closer and tries to see how Lecter will react, but he only turns his head readying for the bullet. Will leaves before doing anything else.

Miriam and Jack arrive at Lecter's home to see if any memories will be recovered. Where she previously found some grotesque drawings, Miriam now only finds drawings of nude women. Jack plays the last message Miriam previously sent to Jack before she was attacked. Lecter tries to use his light machine to get Miriam to remember placing the call. He induces her into a state of anxiety in which she had placed the call. Miriam recalls seeing the "winged-man" before placing the call. This was one of Lecter's previous murders that he had drawn on paper and Miriam saw. Back at the lab, Jimmy and Brian have found a partial fingerprint and it belongs to Lecter. But Jack says the evidence would lead them away from Lecter. Alana states that the drugs used by Chilton were also found at the site. Now, everyone is confused. They must bring in both Chilton and Lecter.

Meanwhile, Chilton arrives home to find something beeping in his basement. When he heads downstairs he hears the heart beat sound flat line and inside another room he finds the body of a man. It's Gideon! Chilton realizes that his house has been staged! Gideon is missing his limbs and they have been placed in various parts of the room, one near a saw, and another near the body. Chilton is stunned and falls backward. He runs up the stairs and trips over his bag. Lecter appears in his clear vinyl suit. Lecter uses chloroform to drug Chilton, telling him that when he wakes up, his only option is to run. As he does this, members of the FBI arrive knocking on Chilton's door to bring Chilton in for questioning. They do not see through the opaque door.

When Chilton wakes up he is covered in blood, holding a knife and a gun. He sees a trail of blood leading to the hallway and the kitchen. There, the FBI team members who came to get him are lying dead in graphically displayed ways. Chilton is shocked but manages to get to Will's house where he states that he needs his help. Meanwhile, Jimmy, Brian, and Jack are canvassing Chilton's house. Gideon has not been dead for long. Chilton's shelves are full of medical texts. Interestingly, the description of the winged-man was consistent with Miriam's memory. Lecter used this to his advantage and staged one of the bodies in this manner.

Chilton anxiously tells Will that he has the same profile as Lecter – a psychiatrist with medical training. Chilton realizes that he is Lecter's scapegoat. Chilton was never going to be killed, only framed. Will says he will prove Lecter is the Chesapeake Ripper. Chilton wants to leave the country before anything else can happen. But now, Jack has arrived. Will called him. Will steps outside to tell Jack that not everything appears to be what it is. The Chesapeake Ripper is playing them all with this latest evidence. Jack heads inside with his gun drawn but Chilton has escaped out the back and into the forest. Chilton heads further but ends up surrendering. Jimmy and Brian book Chilton and Alana gets to interview him regarding the murders. Now that Lecter has already coerced Alana, Chilton does not want to talk to her. Watching the video feed, Miriam points to the image of Chilton and says that he is the killer. As Jack hugs her, she pulls his gun out, steps back and shoots Chilton through the glass-viewing window. The bullet hits him in the face, killing him.

Meanwhile, Lecter enjoys a glass of wine at home. Will arrives inviting Lecter for a talk. Will says that Lecter has changed him. The friendship that they had is over. The Chesapeake Ripper has been killed. Will notes that it just had to be Miriam, the young FBI trainee, who just had to enact revenge on her killer. Will stuns Lecter by saying he would like to resume therapy. They sit and stare at each other. "Where should we begin," says Lecter.