Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Apr 11, 2014 on NBC

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  • If only someone invented screaming for help. . .

    It keeps happening and it is really getting on my nerves
  • The Frame-Up

    Hannibal continued its spectacular streak of episodes as we see Will walk of the Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane based on the evidence the BAU finds at the Miriam Lass sight. Interestingly when Lass is interviewed and asked to identify Hannibal by his voice she says that he is in fact not the Chesapeake Ripper. Despite Will saying that something found at the Ripper site would point away from Hannibal they in fact find a finger print on one of the flowers of a victim which is an intriguing curveball. Chilton asks to consult on the Ripper case, as he had in the past, for the sake of saving his own skin from Hannibal. One of the best scenes of the episode is Will visiting Miriam and how Hannibal had induced his blackout periods to manipulate his cognitive abilities and how memory recovery was difficult for him to achieve as a result. Chilton is then framed as the Chesapeake Ripper when he discovers Gideon's body in his basement, both he and Lecter have the same psychological profile, and Hannibal confronts him in his plastic suit as the FBI knocks on his door. When Chilton awakes he sees the FBI agents brutally murdered and one displayed as the Wounded Man Illustration Miriam was fixated on during her captivity. Chilton goes to Will for help since they both are convinced Hannibal is the Chesapeake Ripper. It looks like Hannibal planned on framing Chilton from the beginning. They're both similar, and Chilton had already consulted on the Ripper case in which he had insider knowledge of the killings that no one else did. It's the perfect frame job, too bad that Miriam kills him in the end as maybe something in his subconscious could've cleared his name. For those that read the books know that Chilton is supposed to live through Silence of the Lambs and then be killed offscreen by Hannibal Lecter after his famous "I'm having an old friend for dinner" line while on the phone with Clarice Starling. I have to admit that Bryan Fuller tweaking with the mythos of the show is welcome and gives the secondary cast an unpredictability as to when they will be offed and that this telling is not based on the exact moments of the book. Other noteworthy angles of the episode include Miriam forgiving Jack for "never giving up on her," and Will wanting to continue his therapy with Hannibal after all they've been through (and Hugh Dancy got a much needed haircut too) in what I'm sure can only be an "enemies closer" gambit on Will's part. Will's line about Hannibal "wanting to be his friend" was true and really feeds into their interactions on the show how they are both so thoroughly fascinated with one another. Putting us at the halfway mark for the season we're definitely in a great place storywise, and it's good to have Will back and pointing a gun at Hannibal again (Hannibal flinched I guess he is slightly changed and vulnerable after his near brush with death the other week). Finally, disturbing to have found the killsite where Beverly was murdered I still dearly miss her character.
  • The Usual suspect

    will is backkkkkkkkk ! wow what a great episode full of perfection and very thrilling good to see mariam back but what game hannibal played with chilton murdering him without killing him you are looking in the right box jack but in the wrong corner that was great. poor chilton and at last will was looking great in that haircut and now again the game start.
  • Resume

    Hannibal's playing the long game, confirmed, part two. Watching this, I had the same feeling as the first watch-through of Death Note. The planning is so brilliantly extensive, so beautifully crafted. It's a joy to watch unfold. What I really want at this point is to have some tiny slip up, because Hannibal's played a perfect game and no one is capable of that, no matter how good. It looks like next week is likely to start the actual retaliation, though, so hopefully we'll finally get to see Hannibal sweat a little bit. Glorious episode.
  • Grilled to Perfection vs Unchained Melody

    Hannibal is still playing everyone, Will, Jack, Chilton, Miriam. They are all part of the song he is writing. He has orchestrated every move. Conditioning Miriam to see Chilton as the ripper. Setting Chilton up to take the fall, and freeing Will but still somehow being able to keep him on a string. I think Hannibal still knows that his morality is still intact. That he has not gone over to the dark side yet. It is why Will saw himself as the man stag after he asked the orderly to kill Hannibal for him. I would not be surprised if Will wasn't conditioned by Hannibal to get to the point of confronting him with a gun, ready to shoot him and then back down. It has happened twice before and it would make perfect sense if Hannibal is conditioning Will to be like him to have some kind of fail safe or safe word to make sure he doesn't lose control of him. As Will predicted the Ripper would not allow Gideon to live after he impersonated him, and Chilton was led like sheep to slaughter.

    Gideon was served up in pieces, and Chilton was simply served cold.