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Hannity and Colmes is an evening political debate show on the Fox News Channel that airs Monday-Friday at 9/8c. Sean Hannity, the conservative, faces off against the liberal, Alan Colmes. While most of the show is political in nature, topics like murder mysteries and courtroom dramas are also discussed.

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AIRED ON 5/31/2011

Season 9 : Episode 106


    Fox News' Hannity coming to America


    Fox News votes for Hume

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    • Lost American

      President Obama and the Congress have overstepped the authority given them by the Constitution. They all need to be removed from office. SS and medicare are taxes that we pay and they call us moochers because they stole this money from us and used it senselessly. Where do they get off telling people how to worship? That is what this country was founded on. It is time they stopped acting like kids fighting over the last piece of candy and grow up. Open all memorials, open medical facilities that give life saving options. Stay out of our personal lives. Obama Care will not work. People are being forced to get coverage that is not necessary for them. How many men need maternity, pap smears or mammograms. How many women need prostrate exams. They pay for services not need for their sexual make up. Stop this nonesense and do what is right for this country. If they do not grow up and release the people I am afraid of a revolution. Why are they acitng like this? They work for us not us for them. Stop borrowing money and live within your means like the rest of us. Congress does not need to be exempted from Obama Care. If it is good enough for us it is good enough for them. I am so tired of listening to the arguments. I say Bravo to the men and women who are standing up for us. And for the militay, they need pay increases. All in the White House need to reduce their pay by half and give it to the fighting warrriors. These men and women are putting their lives on the line so elected officials can act like children. Obama needs to stop his sensless vacations. Common Americans would like to take vacations but are not able, He neeeds to rule his house like he wants to rule this country. I say impeach him and all the elected officials. You may contact me if you would like to talk about this letter. I know I am just one voice but that is all it takes, one at a time.moreless
    • Review

      Hannity and Colmes is a TV show on the Fox News Channel about a conservative who is Sean Hannity and a liberal who is Alan Colmes who debate on news of the day with guest who appear on each side the great thing is both sides have the say nothing is biased even when the other disagrees more news shows need to take a lesson from these about having a fair debate as each gets to have their say what is so hard about that my over all rating is 10.0 on this show about two people having a debate on news and politics.moreless
    • Simple question: Would Alan Colmes defend even Satan if he were a Democrat?

      It seems Alan Colmes knee-jerk defends any Democrat. As does Juan Williams when he guests. No one is right 100% of the time, Democrat or Republican. Would Colmes defend even Satan if he were a Democrat?

      If the show is balanced and fair and Hannity can often question even conservative Republicans when they err should not Alan Colmes be able to do likewise when truth is obvious even to the most partisan viewer? Such blatant favoritism to one point of view becomes tedious after a while--and even the most ardent follower of politics grows tired of it. Let's call wrong wrong and lies lies.moreless
    • Hannity and Colmes represents the biased, hate mongering, factless news and bigotry that makes FoxNews one of the biggest jokes in tv "journalism".

      You can literally write up a list for this show to how dumb and pointless it is. Think Bill O'reilly and you have a good idea what to expect. Extreme rightwing, lie based propraganda for Bush and company, cutting of guests who have opposing views.

      Just to put it in perspective how bottom of the barrel and warped this show is they routinely have Ann "the hate mongering" Coulter as their guest. Hannity routinely denies the failure of Iraq, denies Bush's lie and reasons for the Iraq and tries to pass of the blame on Democrats and Bill Clinton.

      Colmes and Hannity really are the most vile duo you'll ever see. This isn't really a news show it's just a pile of crap geared. He likes to support Bush yet leaves out of course the facts that really showcase Bush's lack of reality and his increasing popularity and approval of the American people. Watch the despicable Hannity interview with Jane Fleming and how he bashes Democrats and yet "speaks" on their behalf to make them look unpatriotic. It's quite sickning and made laughable on the same show where Ann as a guest says that "we're winning the war" when in fact we are not.

      Even Colmes was baffled by the Hannity and Ann's lack of reality to really examine the facts on Iraq and how it's just a messy repetition of the same stupidity of the Vietnma War. Not more needs to said about Hannity and Colmes you can find numerous clips online and do enough research to realize this isn't a news show, it's just a mess that shows one side of America that is out of touch with issues in America.moreless
    • I like Hannity on the Radio better

      I must say, I like Hannity better on the Radio because he has 3 hours and more freedom in what he does. Also I could not get some of what went on in here but when I could figure it out I enjoyed it. The main confusion was that I could not tell what was a Fox News Break or the "Hannity and Colmes" part. But it is a good show, he is better on the radio though.

      {EDIT} I have watched more and I saw the desk, I noticed that it is like most news shows I just watched the interviews when I first watched. But really why do people hate him?moreless