Hannity's America

Sunday 9:00 AM on FOX News Channel Premiered Jan 07, 2007 Between Seasons


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  • You should be ashamed. You have this VERY ANNOYING background noise when commentary is being made, that's supposed to be some sort of music...It would sound better if wasn't heard... The noise drowns out the words being spoken.

    I liked Hannity's America when it first appeared..
    Now, you've inserted a totally unnecessary background nose, supposedly some sort of music, that sounds like it's from outer space...I can't understand the dialogue...Next show, if I hear that noise, I'm going to change channels to something that's intelligible...There's no point in listening to the show that when you finally get to the highlights of the subject, it becomes pure, unadulterated gibberish...It's bad enough that you have excessive commerical, continually breaking into the program, but this really abusing the poor listener...I wonder if any of your crew ever bothered to sit down and listen to the noisy racket you've added...

    There's an old saying, "If it ain't broken, don't fix it".
    you should have applied that slogan to your show...You should have left well enough alone.