Happily Divorced

TV LAND (ended 2013)


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  • #3 Best Comedy Show To Ever Air on TV Land

    Eh, when I first saw the promo for this show, it really didn't look that great to me and I didn't even want to bother giving this show a chance. I decided to give this show a chance just for the heck of it, it turned out to be better than I expected. It still isn't perfect, great, or anything like that. It isn't a bad show and that's why I gave it a 7 for good. I don't find the plot to this show to be that good though. I don't like the idea of a wife (Fran Drescher) having a divorce with her husband (John Michael Higgins) after her husband turns out to be gay and then they live in the same house while they have been divorced for six months. Valente Rodriguez (who had the role of Ernie Cardenas in "George Lopez") is also in this show as the flower guy which is good but I wanted to see more Valente Rodriguez. They just seem to show him less. Like they probably only show him one or twice every single episode which angers me. The writers should've given him the role to maybe Peter's best friend or something like that. Tichina Arnold (who had the role of Rochelle Rock in "Everybody Hates Chris") is Fran's best friend. Seriously? why Tichina? she doesn't even look like a person who plays the best friend, she was only meant to play the mother. See, I would prefer to see less Tichina more Valente than to see less Valente more Tichina. Robert Walden and Rita Moreno are perfect for the role of Fran's parents. So yeah, this show is funny here and there but it's not like the best show I've seen. "Hot In Cleveland" and "Retired at 35" are WAY better than this show though. Also, just like "The Nanny", Fran Drescher's voice is still annoying but I guess it's still alright. "Hot In Cleveland" is #1, "Retired at 35" is #2, and "Happily Divorced" is #3 in my opinion. Overall, the 3rd best comedy show to ever air on TV Land. 7/10