Happy Days

Season 4 Episode 10

A.K.A. the Fonz

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 30, 1976 on ABC

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  • Officer Kirk is set to cause as much trouble as possible again by doing his best to force Fonzie to leave town.

    Officer Kirk is convinced that every teenager on the planet is up to no good. It always appears as though he would like to wipe out the species completely. His particular issues are with those who wear leather jackets - like one Arthur Fonzarelli for instance. Kirk makes it his mission to run Fonzie out of town as he considers him to be a bad influence on every other teen in the city. Others try to convince him that he is wrong but Kirk is determined that The Fonz will leave town, however, he doesn't count on an enormous show of solidarity from all the people who know and love Fonz.

    A very good episode, I highly recommend it.
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