Happy Days

Season 4 Episode 7

A Place of His Own

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 09, 1976 on ABC

Episode Recap

Richie, Potsie, and Ralph are kissing their girls in Richie's car. Richie's date is not in the mood to kiss because Ralph has had four cramps, and Potsie fell out of the car twice. Ralph and his date then get the backseat for themselves when Potsie and his date move to the front. Richie says he has his own place in order to impress his girl who is an art student. He says they aren't there now because it's being redecorated but that she can see it the next day. Fonzie offers the use of his apartment. Fonzie lets him use the place that night until midnight. Fonzie gives him some tips on how to win women before he leaves for work. Richie and Fonzie discuss the plans for the night. Fonzie says he desperately needs sleep and can't stay awake until midnight. Richie suggests that Fonzie sleep in Richie's bed because his parents are going out to the movies with Al and his date. Fonzie could stay for the night, and he and Richie can switch places in the morning. Al arrives with his date, Maria, who doesn't speak English and is from Salerno. Richie and Fonzie pull the old switcheroo to fool Joanie. Richie takes Cindy to "his" pad. He tells her that his landlords, Howard and Marion Constantine, are Greek and live in the main house. Cindy goes to use the bathroom and lets her hair down. Richie starts getting the sofa bed ready before he hears her say that she knows he wouldn't take advantage of her. He scrambles to put everything back together. She asks Richie to take off his shirt to sketch him in a more relaxed mode. Marion and Howard return home and have milk and cookies. Chief Petty Officer Kendall, Cindy's father, brings Potsie and Ralph over to the house. They were forced to rat on Richie, and Kendall has come looking for his daughter. Marion goes upstairs and finds Fonzie in Richie's bed. They come downstairs. Fonzie says he doesn't know where Richie is. He leaves to "find" them. Everyone goes upstairs to Fonzie's place and find Richie and Cindy. Everyone argues, and Fonzie sends them all downstairs. Kendall looks at the sketches downstairs before they leave and accepts Richie's word that all he and Cindy were doing was the sketches. Howard suggests Kendall spend some more time with his daughter in order to open up the lines of communication. Richie thanks Howard for trusting him, and Howard asks what really happened.