Happy Days

Season 2 Episode 10

A Star Is Bored

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Dec 03, 1974 on ABC

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  • A fund raising production of Hamlet is in jeopardy when the boys can't find an actor to play the lead role.

    The baseball team need new uniforms and they are going to be expensive so Richie, Ralph and Potsie have to come up with ways to make money in order to buy them. When they decide on a production of Hamlet they are very excited at the prospect of success until they find that they can't find a 'name' to play the title role of the Prince of Denmark.

    Worried that the production will have to be cancelled because there isn't anyone to play the lead, they are delighted when Fonzie agrees to do it for them, but can Fonzie act or not? Watch and see!
  • Fonzie plays Hamlet.

    Relative to later seasons, this is an above average episode. Some of it is filmed "outside" which is nice, and talk of them going to church on Sunday is quite funny.

    Fonzie is far more in the picture than I normally like, but he plays his part well, it is so much more heartfelt than later episodes, and it has a good ending as Fonzie reflects on his "work" as a hooded Hamlet.

    There are good scenes between Howard and Fonzie, and Richie and Fonzie, and although this is not an episode I would probably watch again (I've got too many other TV box sets, and better episodes in the first three seasons of this series to watch again), I did enjoy it.
  • Fonzie takes to the stage...

    With Richie and the gang planning to stage a production of Hamlet to raise money for baseball uniforms, they are unable to get a star to play the lead.

    Who on Earth could they get? Would it be one Arthur Fonzarelli? Of course it would.

    The premise of the episode is a bit flimsy - are we really expected to believe that there was never any rehearsals, let alone any dress rehearsals, before the production went on for its big night? Aside from that, it is a reasonable episode, and the final scene with Fonzie alone on the empty stage is a good one.