Happy Days

Season 7 Episode 20


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 12, 1980 on ABC

Episode Recap

Howard returns home and greets Marion with a kiss. Howard says he has lost three pounds and tightens his belt. He has received some squash seeds in the mail. Joanie comes down and kisses him. Howard also receives a bill from the electric company. If he doesn't pay the bill, they will shut off their lights. Howard calls the electric company to complain about his 4,006.12 bill. Richie and Fonzie go to the Milwaukee Gas & Electric office to try to straighten out the problem. A man (Robert) going to lunch directs Richie to Allison Curtis. Fonzie says that she's a vision of loveliness and tries to get her attention. A man then does sign language with her, and Richie tells Fonzie that she is deaf. Richie writes a note for Fonzie to give to her. Fonzie and Allison leave while Richie is still writing the note. At the house, Fonzie wants Richie to teach him how to sign the "Happy Birthday" song from a book that he bought. They practice the sign language. Fonzie does it his way, and Richie does it according to the book. They sign "happy bornday to you" as there is, apparently, no sign for "birthday." Fonzie signs out the word "dear" by imitating a deer before Richie shows him the correct way. They practice the letters in Allison. At Arnold's, everybody sings, and Fonzie signs "Happy Birthday" to Allison. Fonzie and Allison kiss. She leaves for the ladies' room. Richie and Fonzie leave to talk in his office. On the band stand, Potsie and Ralph argue about a shirt Potsie borrowed from Ralph. Chachi borrowed a shirt from Potsie, but that shirt was actually Ralph's. They're also wearing Ralph's new underwear. Ralph chases them both outside. Richie and Fonzie come out of the office, and Richie tells Fonzie to not lead Allison on because she'll wind up getting hurt. Fonzie and Allison leave to go to Inspiration Point to look at the moon. Richie doesn't want Fonzie to play "love-her-and-leave-her" with Allison, but Fonzie says that he's not going to leave her. Richie tells Al that Fonzie is in love. At the house, Howard awakens to find the power has been shut off. Richie says Fonzie and Allison are going to straighten out the problem with the computer. At the electric company office, Fonzie tells Allison that she is very special and says she is the only one in his heart. Allison introduces Fonzie to Doug and tells him that she loves Doug. Doug also signs but is not deaf. They have been dating on and off for three years. Allison learns how attractive she really is by having dated Fonzie. Allison and Doug are getting married. Doug waits outside for Allison. Allison wants to stay friends with Fonzie. Fonzie wants her to be happy. They hug each other. Richie brings in the cancelled check from Howard to show that he paid, and Fonzie gives him the new bill. Fonzie tells Richie that he let Allison go and says he will give Richie a ride home on his motorcycle. Richie signs "you're okay" to Fonzie.