Happy Days

Season 8 Episode 7

And the Winner Is

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Dec 30, 1980 on ABC

Episode Recap

At Jefferson High, Roger comes into Fonzie's classroom. Fonzie wants Roger to listen to a letter of recommendation he has written for one of his students that is applying for a job. Roger offers to fix it up a little for Fonzie. Biology teacher Mr. Bellgoodie comes in as Roger is leaving. He gives Fonzie a ballot for the T.O.T.Y. - Teacher Of The Year. He tells Fonzie not to waste his time because the award is for "professional" teachers. He says Fonzie won't win it. Fonzie says that, until five minutes ago, he didn't care about the award, but, now, it's his life.

Later, during class, Fonzie directs the students' attentions to the bulletin board which happens to contain the ballot for the T.O.T.Y. award. Eugene collects the homework and has brought Fonzie a year's supply of laminated folders. A student named Tommy doesn't have his homework and claims that his dog ate it. Fonzie excuses it. He gives the class the day off and says that he'll be gone for a week while he's in Detroit getting new manuals on equipment for his garage.

At the Cunningham house, Joanie and Chachi watch television. They start kissing, and Fonzie walks in. He tells them about the T.O.T.Y. award and asks them to campaign for him while he's in Detroit. Fonzie leaves, and Joanie and Chachi resume kissing. Fonzie comes back in again after forgetting to tell Chachi to get his mail while he's gone. They kiss again, and Howard and Marion walk in. Chachi, thinking it was Fonzie, tells them to get out. When he realizes it's Howard and Marion, he quickly leaves.

At Arnold's, Potsie is the master of ceremonies for the T.O.T.Y. awards. He announces the best custodial engineer as Mr. Robert Gampolo who promptly quits after voicing his disgust with the faculty washrooms and lounge. Al, in exchange for providing the facilities for the banquet, sings (along with Potsie) Jefferson's alma mater while playing the ukulele. Potsie introduces Mrs. Agatha Frick, a six-time T.O.T.Y. award winner, who will present this year's award. She starts instructing a class when Potsie reminds her that she's retired and is presenting the award. Fonzie walks in and tells Al that he had his plane land on the street. Al tries to tell Fonzie something, but Fonzie tells Mrs. Frick to go right ahead. The winner is Coach Roger Phillips. Fonzie mistakenly hears his name after thinking all along that he was a shoe-in to win and takes the podium. He begins to read his prepared speech, when Al interupts him to tell him that Roger won. Roger reads Fonzie's speech. Fonzie goes over to Al and says that he's made a fool of himself.

Later on, after everyone has left, Chachi tells Fonzie that he couldn't campaign for him because he wasn't nominated. Fonzie leaves.

At Jefferson, Fonzie walks into his classroom carrying a steering wheel and column. He gives Bobby a "0" for asking to get out early for a sock-hop meeting. He gives Tommy a "0" for the homework assignment he claimed was eaten by his dog because his mother informed Fonzie that their dog ran away six months ago. Fonzie tells Eugene to get his homework out of the plastic lamination. He gives Eugene a "0." Fonzie gives everyone a "0" for applauding Coach Phillips's winning of the T.O.T.Y. award. The class thought he was kidding around when he was talking about the award. The didn't nominate him because Fonzie had taught them that when you're good, you know it. Fonzie begins to talk about the steering wheel and column and says that he got it out of Mr. Bellgoodie's car.

At the house, Howard and Marion watch the end of Sing Along with Mitch. Marion says that Chachi has called several times apologizing for yelling at Howard. They start kissing as Joanie and Chachi walk in. Joanie and Chachi say they'll go back into the car, but Howard sits them down on the couch. He and Marion go out to the car instead.

Songs in this episode:

"Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days Of Summer" (Howard and Marion sing along) by Nat King Cole (1963)