Happy Days

Season 9 Episode 4

Another Night at Antoine's

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 27, 1981 on ABC

Episode Recap

Joanie, Chachi, and Jenny are at a table at Arnold's. Joanie is talking to Jenny. Chachi is ignoring Joanie and is looking at a book and at other girls. Joanie leaves to go outside. Chachi asks Jenny what's wrong with Joanie. Jenny says that Sandra Wanderman is going steady. Chachi calls her "Two-Ton Sandra." Arnie Finster gave her his identification bracelet after adding about 12 links to it. Chachi and Joanie had been going out twice as long as they have, and Joanie still has a naked wrist. Jenny tells Chachi that he's in the doghouse.

Joanie and Jenny paint their toenails at the Cunningham house. Jenny tells Joanie that she's going to get Chachi's bracelet. Chachi comes to the door and asks Jenny to leave so that he can be alone with Joanie. Chachi says that he and Joanie have been dating for a long time, and it's time they made an important step in their relationship. Chachi tells her he wants to date other girls and says Joanie can date other guys. Chachi says that, this way, they will be really sure about each other. Joanie tries to hide her emotions and becomes upset when he leaves. Joanie tells Howard and Marion that she and Chachi have been together for two years. Marion reminds her of the college boy that has been calling her.

At Arnold's, Chachi throws darts, and Al tells him about his phone messages. Chachi tells Al he made a terrible mistake in breaking up with Joanie. He thinks they'll never get back together, get married, or have little Arcolas. Roger comes in, and Al asks him to talk to Chachi. Roger tells Chachi that anything that's going to happen has already happened, and there's nothing he can do about it. Roger picks up a case of soda from Al and leaves. Fonzie comes out of his office and tells Chachi to go make up with Joanie. Chachi says he's tried to call, but she won't even come to the phone. Fonzie tells Chachi again to make up with Joanie. Fonzie leaves. Al talks to Chachi and tells him about a woman he let slip through his fingers. He's regretted it ever since. Chachi runs out when Al asks him if he wants to end up like him.

William, Joanie's date, arrives at the Cunningham house. He and Howard exchange small talk. Chachi comes in and meets William Farnsworth. Joanie comes down wearing a red dress. Joanie and William are going to Chez Antoine for dinner. They leave.

Fonzie talks to Chachi. Fonzie jokingly suggests that Chachi go down to the restaurant to see if Joanie and William are really going there. Chachi says that it's a great idea and asks Fonzie to go with him.

At Chez Antoine, the waiter serves Joanie and Bill champagne and suggests they have the love steak. They go to dance. Fonzie and Chachi come in. The waiter tells them that they have a dress code and gives them ties to wear. He seats them. Chachi shows Fonzie the menu. Everything has romantic names. They realize there are all boy/girl couples there at the restaurant. Fonzie's girl (Andrea) comes in and asks Fonzie what he is doing there. She had an eight-course meal prepared for him. Joanie spots Fonzie and then sees Chachi hiding under the table. Andrea leaves after making up with Fonzie. Joanie thinks Chachi really does care about her after seeing that he'd go through so much trouble to spy on her. Bill is angry and leaves. Fonzie calls over Max to play the violin for Joanie and Chachi but changes his mind and has him follow Fonzie to his car. Chachi says that his going out with other girls was a good idea because he found out that he doesn't want to. He says he was right to chase her all those years. Chachi gives Joanie his bracelet, and they kiss. He looks at the menu and asks Joanie if she has any money.

At the house, Joanie and Chachi kiss near the front door. Howard tells Chachi to say goodnight. Fonzie and Andrea come in with Max. Andrea admits that Fonzie was right - their date was for the next night, not that night. Fonzie has Max play briefly for Joanie and Chachi before bringing him and Andrea up to his apartment. Chachi asks Howard if he liked William better than him. When Chachi tells Howard that William has his own apartment, Howard says he likes Chachi better.

Songs in this episode:

replacement instrumental

unknown instrumental

"That's Life" by Frank Sinatra (1966)

"Rhythm Of The Rain" by The Cascades (1963)
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