Happy Days

Season 3 Episode 24

Arnold's Wedding

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 02, 1976 on ABC
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Arnold's Wedding
Arnold asks Fonzie to be the best man at his wedding, but Fonzie is resistant to the idea because of the "Fonzarelli curse." Arnold's fiance calls the wedding off when she thinks she'd be holding back Arnold's career.

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  • Arnold is getting married and he asks a reluctant Fonzie to be best man.

    In this final episode of Season Three, Arnold is thrilled and excited that he is about to be married to a lovely Japanese girl named Momo. (Nobu McCarthy). Very happy at his soon-to-be marital status, Arnold asks his good friend Fonzie if he will stand up with him and be best man. Although Fonzie is very fond of Arnold and touched by the offer, he feels that he has to say no due to what he calls 'The Fonzarelli Curse' whereby things always go wrong at weddings in which Fonzarellis play an important part.

    It seems that Fonzie is right when Momo suddenly calls off the wedding, leaving poor Arnold very unhappy.

    There are quite a few laughs in this one, mostly courtesy of the very funny Pat Morita as Arnold but overall, it's not as good as many others in the season have been.moreless
Henry Winkler

Henry Winkler

Arthur Herbert "Fonzie" Fonzarelli

Marion Ross

Marion Ross

Marion Kelp Cunningham

Anson Williams

Anson Williams

Warren "Potsie" Weber

Donny Most

Donny Most

Ralph Malph

Erin Moran

Erin Moran

Joanie Louise Cunningham

Tom Bosley

Tom Bosley

Howard C. Cunningham

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Fonzie doesn't want to be Arnold's best man because of the Fonzarelli Curse. Richie says to Potsie and Ralph, "I haven't seen Fonzie this upset since Paula Petralunga became a nun." Apparently, Paula Petralunga didn't like being a nun because she is mentioned several times in the episode "The Duel" which aired during the sixth season. Also, we actually see Paula Petralunga in the episode "Going Steady" during season 10.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Fonzie: (referring to Marion) I think I'm gonna have to hit her!
      Howard: No, you're not gonna hit my wife!
      Fonzie: Oh, yeah? Well, then I'm gonna hit you!
      Richie: You can't hit my dad!
      Fonzie: All right! I'll hit you!
      Howard: You can't hit my son.
      Fonzie: Well, I gotta hit somebody. You know where Potsie is?!
      Howard: Look, Fonzie...
      Fonzie: All right, all right, I know, I'm going. I'm going. But I'm not going because I just got yelled at, and I'm not going because she thinks she's right and I'm wrong. I'm going because I'm a sweetheart of a guy!

    • Arnold: I'm getting married. I can't believe it. You know who made it all possible?
      Ralph: Who?
      Arnold: The Fonz.
      Fonzie: Hey, don't blame me for your problems.

    • (Fonzie refuses to wear a kimono.)
      Fonzie: The Fonz don't dabble in female attire.
      Richie: Well, Fonz, this isn't a dress.
      Fonzie: Hey, let me put an end to this discourse right now, huh? One question: does it have a fly?
      Richie: No.
      Fonzie: I rest my case.

    • Howard: How are you doing, Arnold? You got the jitters?
      Arnold: No, no, we took a blood test. We're fine.

    • Fonzie: The only shot that those two people have is if I stay out of it. The Fonzarelli Curse cannot be broken. It's ridiculous to try. That's it, that's all, and that's goodbye.
      Marion: Fonzie, sit on it!
      Joanie: Everybody duck!

  • NOTES (1)