Happy Days

Season 9 Episode 10

Baby, It's Cold Inside

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Dec 08, 1981 on ABC

Episode Recap

At the Cunningham house, Lori Beth talks to someone from Air Greenland. Marion and Joanie come in, and Lori Beth tells them that she's going to see Richie because the base will be open to wives that weekend. Marion takes the phone from Lori Beth thinking Richie is on the other end. Marion tells Joanie that it's the perfect time to go to Greenland because it couldn't be any colder there than it is in Milwaukee. Lori Beth gets off the phone and says the plane leaves in an hour. She asks Marion if she can babysit Richie Jr. A loud clanging noise is heard, and Joanie says it's the boiler again. Marion says Howard plans to fix it but doesn't have the right tools. Joanie reminds her that he owns a hardware store. Joanie and Lori Beth go upstairs to pack. Howard comes in with Potsie. Potsie remarks that it's great to be home, Howard reminds him that he doesn't live there, Potsie says he knows, and he sits down at the table to read the newspaper. Howard says he has great news for Marion and has been thinking all day about how he would tell her. Potsie blurts out that Howard has two free tickets to New York and ruins the surprise. Howard sticks a banana in his mouth to keep him quiet, so he proceeds to eat it. Howard says he ended up selling more Happy Plungers than anyone else, so Mr. Happy is giving them a free trip to New York. He says he wants to talk to Howard about possibly hiring him to work for his company. He says he doesn't want the job, just the free trip to New York. Fonzie comes in and sits on the living room chair. He tells them to guess where he's going that weekend. Marion guesses Paris, Howard Hawaii, and Potsie Omaha. Fonzie tells Potsie to have a seat on the ottoman in front of him and asks how he knew he was going to Omaha. Potsie says it was process of elimination, and Fonzie tells him to get back in line. Fonzie says he is the delegate to Jefferson High at a new teacher's convention. He says he's going to brush up on his "library skills." He tells Howard, to the side, that, last year, 96 percent of the delegates were ladies. Joanie and Lori Beth come down, and Lori Beth tells Howard about going to see Richie. Howard says he and Marion are going to New York, Fonzie says he's going to Omaha, and Potsie says he's going nowhere. Joanie asks where the baby's going. Marion says it's simple and that she'll just stay home. Potsie says he can go to New York. Lori Beth says that it's her baby and she should be the one to stay home. Potsie says he can go to Greenland. Howard says there must be someone responsible that can take care of the baby for a couple of days. Everyone thinks about who that person could be, and Joanie looks annoyed that nobody is thinking that she could do it. Marion says she can't think of anybody. Joanie says that, although she's going to be home, and the baby's going to be home, that's no reason to think of her. After all, she's just a baby herself. She says, sarcastically, that she's going up to her room to play with her Barbie dolls. Howard asks what that was all about, and Fonzie says that she's upset that nobody thought about asking her to babysit. Howard asks whoever heard of a kid taking care of a kid. Fonzie says that his child is no longer a kid. Lori Beth says that, of course, Joanie could do it and that she's great with the baby. Howard isn't sure about it and calls Joanie back down. He asks her if she would take care of the baby. Joanie tells Lori Beth that she won't be sorry. Lori Beth and Marion go to the door to put their coats on (Howard and Marion are driving Lori Beth to the airport), and Potsie tells Howard that he'll get his coat. Howard asks Fonzie to do something to get Potsie to leave him alone. Fonzie asks Potsie how long it's been since they had last hung out together, and he replies that it's been five years. They leave to play skeet ball.

Later, as Howard and Marion are getting ready to leave for New York, Al asks Howard if he can pick up some bagels for him. He gives Howard some complicated directions to Bernie's Bakery, and Howard says he won't have time for that because he'll be in meetings all afternoon. Al says he has to go at 5:00 in the morning because that's when Bernie takes them out of the over. Howard says they'll stay at the bakery all night and forget about the hotel. Al says that's what he always does, and he takes their suitcases to the car. Howard tells the gang (Joanie, Chachi, and Jenny) that they're going. He tells Joanie to take care of herself and to make sure all of the doors and windows are locked before she goes to bed. Marion tells them a few more tidbits before she walks out the door. Chachi tells Howard not to worry because he'll be around a lot. This prompts Howard to come back in from outside and say he's not going. Chachi says he meant that he'll be around a lot during the day and that he'll be out by 10:00. Howard tells him to be out by 8:00. As Howard leaves, Jenny says there's no one more responsible than Joanie. After the door is closes, Jenny yells that it's party time. Joanie says they're not having a party and that that weekend is very important to her. She wants to prove that she's not a little kid. Jenny said she already told everyone that Joanie's parents weren't going to be home, so Joanie tells her to tell everyone there's not going to be a party. Jenny leaves. Joanie tells Chachi that the situation is just like if they were married. They move in to kiss, but the baby starts crying. Joanie tells Chachi to go outside and pretend that he's her husband coming home from work. He does, and they act out a not-so-typical married-life scenario. Chachi criticizes Joanie for wasting his hard-earned money on a new dress, and Joanie says she had an affair with the milkman. They start to kiss when the boiler starts making noises again. They realize that it's starting to get cold. Chachi goes down to look at it. Jenny comes saying that she tried to call everyone to say that the party was off, but nobody was home. She opens the front door, and a bunch of people pour in.

With the party underway, Bobby suggests that everyone get naked so they can see who's fat. Jenny tells Joanie that he didn't mean it and that he's just unwinding from the pressures of maintaining a straight-C average. Chachi comes in and says he gave the boiler its last rites. He looks for a repairman in the phone book. Jenny answers the door, and it's Eugene and Melvin Belvin. Joanie and Chachi come in from the kitchen, and Joanie tells everyone that the party can go on. Chachi says there are some rules they have to follow, but they won't make the party any less fun.

Later, everyone is sitting in the center of the room while Chachi goes around with a carpet sweeper. Jenny answers the door, and it's the repairman.

Joanie and Chachi bring him downstairs, and Joanie asks if he can fix it. Rudi, the repairman, says he has a special that week: $199.95. Joanie says she doesn't think her parents would want her to spend that much money, so Rudi packs up his tools. Chachi asks Joanie if she even has that kind of money, and she says her father left her a blank check in case of emergency. Rudi hears this and says he'll get started. Joanie asks if the job can wait until Monday, and Rudi says the water in the pipes could freeze and expand causing the pipes to burst. Chachi says that happened in his mother's building and it cost her $2000. Bobby comes down asking if the green lamp upstairs is an antique. He asks if she has any glue. Rudi tells Joanie that she has to decide: $200 now or $2000 later. Jenny comes down saying that the baby is crying. She tells Rudi to fix the boiler.

Later, Joanie tells Fonzie that she doesn't know why she's so nervous. Fonzie says he'll talk to Howard. Joanie says that she'll tell him. Fonzie goes downstairs to take a look at the boiler. Jenny tells Joanie that she'll be right by her side, but as soon as Howard and Marion walk through the door, Jenny leaves. Joanie asks Howard if he lost weight. Howard says he turned the job offer down. Howard asks if there was any trouble with the boiler, and she tells him what happened. Howard chastizes her thinking she was cheated. She says she doesn't know anything about about mechanical stuff, so Howard asks why she wasn't listening when he explained these types of things. Marion says he only told Richie. Howard apologizes to Joanie. He says $200 is almost what he spent on the cab ride. Fonzie comes up and tells Howard that the $200 was well spent. It could have cost him $2000 if she hadn't thought fast. Howard hugs Joanie and tells her that he knew she'd make the right decision. They all go to see the baby. Marion asks where the green lamp is, and Joanie says they'll talk about it later. Howard asks Fonzie how the convention went, and he says there were four hundred luscious teachers. Howard says he wishes he could have seen that, and Fonzie tells him to come up to his aparment because they'll be there in an hour.

Later, Al comes in asking where his bagels are. He brought his cream cheese and knife. Howard shows him the bag on the counter. Al looks inside, and it is empty. Howard says he ate them. Howard explains how he ate them saying he couldn't stop eating them. Al tells him to stop and start the story over.

Songs in this episode:

"Locomotion" by Little Eva (1962)

replacement instrumental

"Blue Velvet" (instrumental) by Bobby Vinton (1963)