Happy Days

Season 1 Episode 16

Be the First on Your Block

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 07, 1974 on ABC

Episode Recap

Howard announces that there will be a family meeting. They discuss whether they have enough funds for a bomb shelter, and Howard mentions that they could dip into their Carlsbad Caverns vacation fund. A salesman named Ernie comes to sell them a bomb shelter. He hands brochures out to all of the family members. He calls Howard "Herbert" and Marion "Margaret" (as well as other incorrect names). The waitresses at Arnold's are wearing roller skates and falling down. Richie says he will save Potsie a spot in the bomb shelter. Richie tells Carole Akron about the bomb shelter in order to get a date with her to the rock and roll show. Richie and Carole talk about the bomb shelter in Howard's DeSoto. When the family has a drill, all of Richie's friends show up to use it. Everyone turns against Howard and votes against the bomb shelter. Richie convinces Howard that the shelter is not such a good idea.

Songs in this episode:

"Bye Bye Love" by The Everly Brothers (1957)

"Tequila" by The Champs (1958)

"Perfidia" by The Ventures

"Pretend" by Nat King Cole (1955)

"Wheel Of Fortune" by Kay Starr (1954)

"All Shook Up" by Elvis Presley (1957)
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