Happy Days

Season 1 Episode 16

Be the First on Your Block

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 07, 1974 on ABC



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    • (The Cunninghams are inspecting the plans for the bomb shelter.)
      Marion: Don't you think we should move the bathroom somewhere else so that, when people drop in, it won't be the first thing they see?
      Howard: Marion, we're not trying to get into Better Homes and Gardens. We're trying to survive a nuclear attack.
      Marion: I know, but we can survive with good taste.

    • Fonzie: Like I always say, you live fast, you die young, you leave a good-looking corpse.
      Potsie: Hey, that's cool.
      Richie: Nick Romano said that in Knock On Any Door.
      Fonzie: I think I said it better.

    • Salesman: It's very possible that, in case of a nuclear attack, there are going to be very few survivors left around here to repopulate this beautiful town.
      Marion: Joanie, I think you should leave the room.
      Joanie: It's just getting interesting.
      Richie: I'd like to try repopulating.
      Howard: (shocked) Richard!

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    • Bomb Shelters
      With this being the height of the Cold War, everyone, it seemed, was building bomb shelters in their backyards. The discussion over whether to build and whom to invite to stay inside in the event of a nuclear attack was common during the late 1950s.