Happy Days

Season 11 Episode 1

Because It's There

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 1983 on ABC

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  • Well, not the shark this time, but the Grand Canyon.

    In "Because It's There", the overhyped Fonzie, "SuperFonz", feels he may be a mere mortal if he doesn't accomplish something he promised himself as a child that he would: climb Suicide Hill on his motorcycle. So, against the advice of the Cunninghams, he sets out to do it. Chachi isn't crazy about it either, but comes to understand his cousins burning desire to reestablish himself on Mount Olympus in the company of his fellow immortals, and accompanies him on Suicide Hill. Mission accomplished. Hail Fonzie! It could've occurred to the producers and writers to have Fonzie realize that he doesn't have to do this to be a man. Perhaps he could've gone riding to this mountain one morning, looked up, and realized that it really isn't important, but no. You see, he's SuperFonz. So he absolutely has to do this, showing young people watching this that they, too, must do things that are deadly but aren't really necessary just to prove something. I wonder if the guys who tried and died climbing Mount Hood during the winter saw this episode and took their cue from it.