Happy Days

Season 1 Episode 11

Because She's There

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 02, 1974 on ABC

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  • Both Richie and Howard are frustrated at the women in their lives for various reasons.

    Ralph Malph is throwing a costume party and the boys are excited about attending until they find that Ralph's parents, as well as Howard and Marion will be chaperones. To make things even less entertaining for poor Richie, he finds that his blind date, Phyllis (Diana Canova) is so tall that not only tower above everybody else, but she is able to be dressed quite convincingly as the Statue of Liberty!

    Meanwhile, Fonzie arrives dressed as himself and explains that he has come as "Cool" which everyone agrees with. In an entirely separate situation, Howard gets very annoyed when playing bridge with competitive partners and Marion is extremely inept as Howard himself is quite competitve and likes to win.

    A good episode, highlighted by Fonzie dressing up as "Cool", which is very amusing.
  • One of my favorite examples of what the series could have been, sweet observations on relationships in the teen years and in the late 50s.

    Richie is set up on a blind date, and is surprised at the results.

    "Happy Days" never really had a chance to be groundbreaking television, but the first two seasons did have the potential to establish a period piece in the vein of the series' "Love, American Style" and "American Graffiti" roots.

    This is one of those episodes. A number of things are of note. Fonzie is used sparingly but with humor, as he appears at a costume party in his own clothes and is accepted as "cool" because of it. Well-played in a memorable way but not over-the-top as would soon become customary. Potsie is stupid but still easily believed as a best friend, and Diana Canova does an excellent job playing the pretty but towering blind date of Richie Cunningham. The "Down, Down, Down" stock music as she stands up on their first meeting is good. It all ends up with a nice finish as Richie comes to terms with his date's good points and they share a goodnight kiss that's competently directed and a sort of model for what we all went through dating in the teenage years.

    I watched these episodes when they first ran, and I always wished they could have stayed this course - though the inevitability of cartoon characters and "catch-phrases" common to the 70s was soon to come.