Happy Days

Season 7 Episode 8


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 06, 1979 on ABC

Episode Recap

Richie and Joanie are counting money from selling tickets as Howard brings some props down for the Leopard Lodge's burlesque show. Howard wants to become the Grand Pooh-Bah of the lodge and hopes this show will help him get it. Howard has a Grand Pooh-Bah hat that he bought 20 years ago. Richie says that every seat has been sold. Marion says that some of the credit should go to Irv Hanson and the burlesque troupe. Howard is upset that he hasn't received a call from Irv yet. Irv and a girl arrive at the house. Irv says that the rest of the troupe is snowed-in in Buffalo. Irv and the girl leave. Chachi, Ralph, and Potsie greet Irv Hanson at the Leopard Lodge show where the troupe still hasn't arrived. Ralph and Potsie try to audition for Irv by telling jokes and singing. The show starts, and Howard still doesn't know that the troupe hasn't arrived. Howard is the host of the show "Burlesque America" starring Irv Hanson. Howard sings a song, "Top Banana." Irv interrupts him by pretending to build something on stage. He tells some jokes about his wife. Next, Al comes out and plays his ukulele as a girl dances and strips in the background. Al thinks the audience is cheering for him, but they're really cheering for the stripper. Howard begins to introduce the burlesque troupe when Richie cuts him off. Marion and Richie inform Howard that the troupe is still in Buffalo and has been snowed-in for the past two days. Richie says they have all the people they need in the audience to put on the show (Potsie, Ralph, Joanie, Chachi, and Lori Beth). Howard says they need lots of girls and that nobody could get that many girls on such short notice. As he says this, Fonzie walks in. Irv teaches everybody the routines backstage. In the first sketch, "Jungle Madness," Fonzie and Richie play Dr. Livingston and Stanley. In the sketch, Dr. Livingston (Fonzie) has trouble getting rid of a bothersome fly. He and Stanley have a comedic exchange. Next, Potsie sings a song flanked by beautiful women (including Joanie and Lori Beth). Fonzie kisses a girl in the next act and hides under the bed when the girl's husband (Richie) arrives home [this sketch is cut in the syndicated version of the show]. Chachi and Joanie are in a short scene next where Chachi asks her what makes her so popular. The next act is called "The Harmony Boys" as Ralph sings "It's De-Lovely." When he points to Fonzie, Fonzie says "it's." Howard, Marion, and Irv are in the next act called "The Restaurant." Howard does the old routine, "I'll bet you $10 that you're not here," with Irv. Irv tries to get his money back by doing the same routine with the chef (Fonzie). Everyone sings "Top Banana" for the finale. The family is enjoying a snack back at the house, and Al comes over to inform Howard that Howard will be installed as the Grand Pooh-Bah the following week. Howard puts on the Grand Pooh-Bah gold hat, but it is too big for his head.

Songs in this episode: "There's No Business Like Show Business" (briefly sung by Potsie) by Irving Berlin (1946) "Top Banana" (sung by Howard) from Top Banana "Blue Hawaii" (sung by Al) by Elvis Presley (1961) "Girl Of All Nations" (sung by Potsie) from Top Banana (1951) "It's De-Lovely" (sung by Ralph and Fonzie) from Red, Hot, and Blue (1936) "Top Banana" (sung by everyone) from Top Banana (1950)