Happy Days

Season 6 Episode 5

Casanova Cunningham

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 05, 1978 on ABC

Episode Recap

Fonzie comes into Arnold's with a fire baton twirler (Cloris) as there will be a Tri-State Baton Twirling Contest at UWM on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Ralph and Potsie (with a broken guitar) come into Arnold's, and Ralph tells Richie and Fonzie that Potsie told the truth to Jennifer about having to go with a baton twirler to a fraternity dance. Richie says he will tell Lori Beth that he is going to go out with a baton twirler. Richie and Lori Beth dance, and Richie lies to her saying that he will have an "adventure" driving around in a police car for a journalism assignment. Marion gives Richie cookies (with raisins) that Lori Beth had left for him while he was in the shower. Richie leaves for his "assignment" and tells Howard and Marion the truth about his taking Corrine, a baton twirler, to the dance. Richie talks to Al at Arnold's after the dance. Corrine is also at Arnold's and wants to be with Richie. Richie asks Al for the keys to close up. Richie and Corrine kiss in a booth at Arnold's. After Corrine has left, Richie waits for Lori Beth unaware that he has lipstick on his lips. Fonzie walks in and suggests to Richie that he rub mint leaves all over himself to get rid of Corrine's perfume smell. Richie is in the men's room, and he rubs soap on his clothing as Lori Beth arrives at Arnold's. Lori Beth says Richie is acting strange, and then they dance together. Lori Beth smells the soap. They kiss in a booth, and Richie tells her the truth about Corrine. They talk about when they first met, and Lori Beth says goodbye to Richie as she can't forgive him for lying to her. Ralph and Potsie try to set up Lori Beth with Richie, but she refuses. Fonzie brings in Richie to talk to Lori Beth. Richie apologizes, and Lori Beth accepts it. Lori Beth says they can start over again like when they first met at the library.

Songs in this episode:

"Baby Talk" by Jan & Dean (1959)

"The Great Pretender" by The Platters (1954)

"Sealed With A Kiss" by Brian Hyland (1962)

"Poison Ivy" (instrumental) by The Coasters (1959)

"Blueberry Hill" by Fats Domino (1956)