Happy Days

Season 3 Episode 15

Dance Contest

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 06, 1976 on ABC

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  • Marion is sick to death of the normal drudgery of her life and wants to enter a televised dance contest to have some fun but old sourpuss Howard refuses to participate with her.

    This is a great episode which shows that, occasionally, Marion WILL stand up for herself and do what she wants, with or without Howard's say so. One of Marion's great loves is ballroom dancing and when she hears that there is to be a televised contest, she is very excited and begs Howard to enter it with her. Howard refuses (surprise, surprise) but Marion is not put off so she ends up asking Fonzie to be her partner instead.

    The two of them meet regularly in secret to practice their routine but Howard mistakenly believes that Marion is seeing another man. When he finds out what is really going on, he tries tolay down the law but Marion and Fonzie still dance and do very well indeed. Richie and Joannie are very proud of their mother and Howard has to admit that he is too.
  • The Fonz gets his unjust deserts.

    Marion is unhappy at being the perfect kitchen-bound housewife, but is laughed at by the family when she declares she wants more out of life... a job, for example. So, instead of attracting further ridicule, she tells Howard she has to visit her ill mother, while secretly meeting Fonzie at Arnold's for some dance lessons in preparation for the upcoming televised Harvest Dance Contest ( a chance to spread her wings!).

    Marion's deception inevitably goes awry, thanks to the "inscrutable" Arnold, which leads to an unseemly verbal tirade by Ralph towards Fonzie about his "intentions" towards Mrs C; one of THE laugh-out loud moments in the series' history. The Cunninghams also have reached the same flawed conclusion, with Mr C & Richie both ready to give Fonzie a piece of their mind, while Joanie lands a nice solid kick on the Fonz's shin to show him what-for.

    All works out well in the end, even if the penny did take a little long to drop for the protagonists, considering that Marion & Fonzie were both "caught out" in the TV studio where the dance contest was to be shot! It would be unlikely for Mrs C & The Fonz to flaunt their supposed affair on live TV, but that's apparently what Mr C et al thought.
    Regardless, some fun moments, especially Ralph v Fonz & Joanie v Fonz.