Happy Days

Season 7 Episode 22

Father & Son

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 04, 1980 on ABC

Episode Recap

Joanie is sewing at the table while Joanie is fixing some food on the counter. Howard is at a Leopard Lodge meeting with Donald Hedges (who always tells Joanie that she is growing like a weed). Howard and Donald come in. Donald talks to Marion and says he is taking Junior with him to the convention. Howard, lying, says that Richie is going, also. Donald leaves. Howard tells Marion that he and Richie aren't such good buddies anymore and that maybe he should invite him to go with him to the convention. Richie enters, and Howard asks if he wants to go. Richie laughs and declines the offer. Howard goes upstairs to start packing. Richie tells Marion that he is going with Ralph and Potsie to the Bears game in Chicago (the convention is also in Chicago). Marion tells Richie that he should spend some time with his father while he's in Chicago. Fonzie brings in Chachi. Fonzie says Chachi isn't dressed up enough to visit their grandmother. Chachi says he doesn't even want to go. Fonzie is disappointed that Richie won't go with Howard to the convention. Richie changes his mind and says he will go to the convention. He tells Chachi he should visit his Grandmother Nussbaum. Howard and Richie check into their hotel room in Chicago. Howard gives Richie his junior Leopard fez. Howard leaves to sign them in for the convention. Richie opens a suitcase that contains a dribble glass, a fake hand, and chattering teeth. Donald and Junior come into the room wearing masks. Ralph knocks on the door, and, when Donald answers it thinking it was Howard, he squirts Ralph in the face with water. Potsie also walks in. Donald and Junior leave. Potsie tells Richie that they have lined up three stewardesses. Howard comes back in. He tells Richie that he wants him to sit next to him at the banquet that night instead of the Vice Poobah. Howard leaves. Richie cancels with Potsie and Ralph to go to the banquet with his buddy, Howard. At the banquet, Al introduces Howard as the new Grand Poobah, and Howard introduces Richie. There is a food fight. A cake is brought out as a token of appreciation for Howard. A woman pops out of it and dances. She gives Howard a piece of cake. All of the single men line up for a kiss with the cake girl. The guys make fun of Richie for not wanting to kiss the girl. For fun, everybody goes outside to stop traffic. Richie stays and talks to the girl. She is studying creative writing at night school. Richie brings her up to his room to show her some of the articles he has written (he brought them to show to the Chicago Tribune). Howard comes back and gives Richie the key to their room. Donald and Junior come back in, and Howard tells them to get lost. Ralph and Potsie talk to Howard in the banquet room. Howard asks Ralph and Potsie about their relationships with their fathers. Ralph says he and his father get along great, but they can't talk about anything serious. Potsie says he and his father have a very strange relationship. Ralph says that Howard is a great father. Potsie says he's Ozzie Nelson and Robert Young rolled into one. In the hotel room, the cake girl sits on Richie's lap, and they kiss. Howard returns to the room, and Margo (the cake girl) leaves. Richie is angry that Howard came in like he did. Howard apologizes that he can't be a buddy to Richie the way Donald is to Junior. Richie says that he doesn't want a buddy, anyway - he wants a father. He says that he has the perfect father. They leave to throw Donald and Junior's luggage out the window.
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