Happy Days

Season 3 Episode 3

Fearless Fonzarelli (1)

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 23, 1975 on ABC



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    • Fonzie: I'm losing my cool.
      Richie: No, you're probably just having a slump. Everybody goes through slumps. I mean, even Mantle and Mays, those guys go five or six games...
      Fonzie: Hey, hey, hey! I'm not talking about grown men chasing little balls around a field. I'm talking about the Fonz losing his cool!

    • Richie: (referring to the television) Why don't you fix the horizontal? Everybody looks short and fat.
      Howard: I like it that way.

  • Notes

    • The show You Wanted to See It is a fictional show based on the real-life ABC show You Asked For It. Jack Smith was the host of the show on ABC from 1958-1959 and in syndication from 1971-1977.

      At the time of this episode, it was 1956 in Happy Days time. Art Baker was the host of You Asked For It from 1950-1958. Smith wasn't hosting the show at the time of this episode, so this may be the reason as to why they didn't just use the name of the real show on Happy Days. Also, they couldn't use Baker because he had died nine years earlier.

    • Melinda Naud is credited as "Mindy Naud." Her character is listed in the end credits as "Roberta" even though Ralph and Fonzie refer to her as "Paula Petralunga," a recurring character that appears throughout the series.

    • Pat Morita makes his first appearance as Matsumo "Arnold" Takahashi.

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