Happy Days

Season 6 Episode 8

Fearless Malph

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 24, 1978 on ABC

Episode Recap

"Splish Splash" is playing on the jukebox at Arnold's as Al brings Richie a deluxe sundae. Al answers the phone, and Richie talks to the professor of the UWM Daily Post. Richie is the new science editor. The professor tells Richie that his first story is killed. Fonzie talks to Richie in his office. Fonzie tells Richie a story about Inspiration Point and says he wants to set a new record by going down the other side with three chicks on his bike. Richie says he can't write about Fonzie's record because it's not science. He does get an idea for another story - he will write about people's fears. Richie talks to the family at the dining room table at the house about his story idea - fears and phobias. Everyone talks about each other's fears, and Richie calls his professor on the phone. At Arnold's, Richie asks Potsie and Ralph about their fears, and Ralph has every fear on Richie's list. Potsie tells Richie that he knows an Austrian professor, a custodian at the psychology department who takes care of the lab animals. The guys go down to talk to Dr. Himmel. Richie asks the professor why people have fears. Himmel says fears keep people in balance. The lab mice are dancing, agitated, and nervous. The professor says that their behavior is a sign that a disaster coming that evening at 6:22 - a tornado. The barometer reads 28, and the professor says that anything below 29 is trouble. The sky has black clouds. Ralph is terrified, so the professor hypnotizes him. Ralph is now fearless. At the house, Howard and Marion bring in groceries as Richie prepares for the coming tornado. Ralph and Potsie come in. The guys leave to warn people at Arnold's and to pick up Joanie. Potsie says they should warn people at the Pizza Bowl. Ralph throws Fonzie out of his office and later calls him "Artie." He further insults Fonzie by making fun of his motorcycle and jacket. At the lab, the professor unhypnotizes Ralph. At 6:23 PM, the tornado hits, and everyone except Ralph goes for cover under a table. Richie comes out from under the table to save Ralph, and Ralph ends up saving Richie from a falling bookcase. At the house, Potsie reads Richie's story to everyone. Howard hypnotizes Ralph again as Fonzie walks in. Songs in this episode: "Splish Splash" by Bobby Darin (1958) "Hello Mary Lou" (instrumental) by Ricky Nelson (1961) replacement instrumental "The Twist" by Chubby Checker (1960)