Happy Days

Season 1 Episode 7

Fonzie Drops In

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 26, 1974 on ABC

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  • When Fonzie sees a "B+" Potsie made, Richie convinces him that he could be the world's only high school "drop in."

    As the episode starts out, Fonzie sees that Potsie has made a B+ in school, prompting the Fonz to pick up the test and see what's inside. He realizes that he knows almost everything on the test, which prompts Richie to convince him to re-enroll. Fonzie's first day is great, arranging the seating plan to his satisfaction, earning the respect of his teacher and meeting several new girls. It's then that things start to go downhill. He asks Richie to do his homework for him, which Richie does silently for two weeks. Richie finally decides he can't cheat anymore, which leads Fonzie to respect him all the more. The ending is emotional, almost to a poignant note, which is highly unusual of a show this funny. Definitely one of the funniest and most original Happy Days episodes of all time.
  • Fonzie wants to make more of his life and so, he decides to go back to high school.

    The Fonz is not happy with his life as just a garage mechanic (even though he is very good at his job.) He realises that one of his greatest regrets is that he never completed high school and so, he decides to enrol again so that he can get his graduate and have his diploma.

    Things start out well, in fact, he even earns the admiration of his teacher when he instructs the class to be quiet so that the teacher can speak.

    His troubles start when he realises that he is out of his depth with some of the assigned course work, but he figures that's okay because he will just get Richie to do his homework for him!

    A very funny episode and one with a moral lesson as we see the pitfalls felt by those who drop out of high school too early and then regret it later on.
  • I thought this was a wonderful episodes, and a lot of shows can learn from this, and I can't believe this was thought of in the '70s.

    Some would call this episode boring, but I think it was better than most. The writing is just plain superb. The best part is Fonzie's wonderful quotes. I was watching this with my son, and he laughed, and wanted to see more episodes of Happy Days, so I ordered the DVD off of Amazon. This was always my favorite episode of Happy Days, and I think I was due to the fact that the writing was original, and well thought out. To View Richie's Awesome Gorgeous Eyes is so cute. Well, to make this sort, if you've never seen Happy Days, this is the episode you should watch first.