Happy Days

Season 8 Episode 15

Fonzie Gets Shot

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 03, 1981 on ABC

Episode Recap

At a hospital, Fonzie is rolled into a room on a gurney. The doctor asks what happened, and Fonzie says he was shot. The nurse guesses that it was a hunting accident. The doctor takes a look at the wound (on Fonzie's hind quarters). The sheriff comes in and takes a look at the flesh wound. He needs to take Fonzie's statement. Potsie, Chachi, and Roger come in. Potsie apologizes to Fonzie, and Fonzie identifies Potsie as the guy that shot him. The sheriff asks someone to tell him what happened right from the beginning. Roger says that he can give an accurate account of the events.

Roger begins his story by saying Chachi was at his girlfriend's house in Milwaukee studying for an upcoming college-board exam. The flashback starts with Fonzie and Roger walking into the Cunningham's kitchen door. Roger tells Fonzie about a cabin he, Fonzie, Potsie, and a fourth person can stay at for the weekend. Fonzie says he won't go if Potsie is there and adds that he can't go, anyway, because he has to make sure Chachi studies for his exam. He and Roger go into the living room to find Joanie and Chachi making out when they should be studying. Howard, Marion, and Al come in after returing from bowling. Al wants to hang around, but Marion says they're going to bed. Howard suggests that Al go to the dance hall, and he does. Roger tells Howard about Joanie and Chachi's "studying," and Howard tells Joanie to go upstairs. He says Marion will quiz her. Roger tells Fonzie that the cabin is Potsie's uncle's and that they can have it for the entire weekend. Since it sleeps four, Chachi will go along with them so that he can study.

Back in real time at the hospital, Roger says that Fonzie and Chachi were at each other's throats at the cabin and says they were impossible to deal with. Fonzie says says that he was Mr. Wonderful and that Chachi was obnoxious.

Fonzie continues with the story and says that he wanted Chachi to study. Roger was in the background jumping rope, and Chachi wouldn't even crack open a book. The flashback continues at the cabin. Chachi finishes up making a paper airplane, and Roger tries to, unsuccessfully, jump rope. Fonzie comes in whistling to a bird. He tells Chachi that he's talked to the birds, and they've agreed to stop chirping and fly south. Chachi says he can still hear the wind. Fonzie says he's doing the best that he can, but Chachi says it isn't good enough. Roger says that Chachi is a bad boy for not studying. Fonzie says there's no such thing as a bad boy as he massages Chachi's shoulders. Fonzie, who is acting subservient to Chachi, turns the page in Chachi's book and runs to get him some water. Roger says that Fonzie is a saint and that Chachi doesn't deserve a cousin like him. Fonzie runs the water over to Chachi who promptly throws it on Fonzie. Fonzie says that that was very thoughtful of Chachi. Chachi says Fonzie can't force him to study. Fonzie says that he's not forcing him but begging him. Chachi says he's tired of sitting on a bench, so Fonzie carries him over to a padded chair. Fonzie rocks the chair for Chachi. There is a knock at the door, and Roger answers it. A woman, Allison, says she's having a party, but, before she can finish talking, she spots Fonzie and runs over to him. She practically begs him to come to the party. He says he can't because he has to help his cousin study. He tries to let her down easily, but Chachi yells to get rid of her. She leaves crying. Potsie comes in with some firewood and says he's going hunting. He goes to a bedroom and comes out waving around a gun. Chachi says he's done studying and tells Fonzie to give him a dollar for some whiskey. Fonzie tells Chachi that he needs to study. Chachi goes to leave, anyway, and Potsie tells Fonzie to let him go. Fonzie pushes Potsie, still holding the gun, toward the fireplace on the other side of the room, and shortly thereafter, Fonzie is shot. Chachi says "who cares" and leaves.

At the hospital, Fonzie says that what he's said is all true. The sheriff takes out his handcuffs for Potsie, but Chachi stops him asking how the sheriff could believe such hogwash. The doctor takes Fonzie away to work on his wound.

Chachi begins to tell his story and says that Fonzie had it all backwards. He says he was studying the whole time, and that there was no pleasing Fonzie. The events in Chachi's story are basically the same as those in Fonzie's, but they are slanted to make Chachi seem like a saint and Fonzie a ruthless dictator. Instead of Allison begging Fonzie to go to her party, she begs Chachi. Chachi says that he's starving and goes to find some berries or a strip of bark to eat. Fonzie won't let him go, and Potsie says that he has to let Chachi go. Fonzie pushes Potsie, who is holding the gun, toward the fireplace, and a gun goes off after he hits it. Fonzie is shot.

At the hospital, the sheriff takes it from Chachi's story that the shot was an accident. Potsie says that he still feels guilty and was sure that the gun wasn't loaded.

Roger tells his story about what "really" happened. Again, the story has the same basic events, but Roger is made out to be the saint. In his story, Roger has no trouble jumping rope. He gets the water for Chachi and criticizes Fonzie and Chachi for their continued griping. Allison begs Roger to come to her party. When Chachi says he has to leave, Fonzie wants to go with him because he thinks Chachi will get lost. Potsie, holding the gun, tells Fonzie to let Chachi go, and Fonzie pushes him toward the fireplace. When he hits, another gun falls from its perch on the wall, goes off when it hits the mantle, and the bullet hits Fonzie.

At the hospital, Potsie is elated that he didn't shoot Fonzie. The doctor wheels Fonzie back in and says the bullet didn't come from a rifle but from an old dueling pistol. Potsie asks Fonzie for an apology. Of course, he doesn't actually say the words. The sheriff leaves, and the doctor follows to get some papers for Fonzie to sign.

Chachi suggests that they all go back up to the cabin. When asked by Fonzie about why he didn't just give the sheriff the pistol to begin with, Roger says he tried but kept getting interrupted. They all argue about who Allison really was after. She comes into the room and leaves with Potsie.