Happy Days

Season 2 Episode 19

Fonzie Joins the Band

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 04, 1975 on ABC

Episode Recap

Potsie sings, and the band (Richie on keyboard, Ralph on saxophone, Bag on drums) plays "Splish, Splash" in the Cunningham garage. Howard gets the band a job for a Leopard Lodge dance (they get the job by an eight-to-one vote). The catch is that they have to get tuxedos. They will each get $12.50 for the job, but the tuxedo rentals will be $15.00 each.

Fonzie fixes Richie's car, and Richie tells him about their dilemma. Fonzie comes through with tuxedos for the guys (he makes a deal with old man Miller at the Spic and Span Cleaner: if he breaks a date with his daughter, he'll get the tuxedos). Fonzie gets his own tuxedo and wants to join the band and play the bongos.

At the dance, Richie tries mouthing "I love you" to a strawberry blond (as Fonzie had suggested), but misses and sends it to a waiter first and then Marion. Fonzie does a bongo solo during the middle of a slow dance to impress a girl. The guys decide they must get rid of Fonzie for the future of the band and nominate Richie as the leader.

Richie tells Fonzie that he's out of the band, and Fonzie says he'll think about it. Potsie sings, and the band (sans Fonzie) plays "Splish, Splash." Afterward, Richie goes up to Carol Downs with the intent of asking her out on a date. Her date wants to fight Richie and calls him out to the bird bath in five minutes. Fonzie shows up and saves Richie. Richie tells Fonzie that he can re-join the band. Everyone does the bunny hop as the group performs the next song.

The family comes home. Howard enters with a sore back, and Marion hurts hers doing the Charleston (a dance move). Richie and Joanie help them upstairs for the night.

Songs in this episode: "Splish Splash" by Bobby Darin (1958) (played by the band)
"I'm Walkin'" (instrumental) by Fats Domino (1957) (played by the band)
replacement instrumental (played by the band)
"My Prayer" (instrumental) by The Platters (1956) (played by the band)
"Splish Splash" by Bobby Darin (1958) (played by the band)
"Perfidia" by The Ventures (played by the band)