Happy Days

Season 3 Episode 1

Fonzie Moves In

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 09, 1975 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Arnold's gets a new pinball machine, Time Zone. This machine was first manufactured by Bally in 1973, but this episode takes place in approximately 1956.

    • In this episode, Richie says he doesn't know how to play canasta. However, in "Kiss Me Sickly," the Cunningham family plays at the end of the episode.

  • Quotes

    • Vivian: (from outside) Hey, Fonzie! It's me, Vivian.
      Howard: What was that?
      Marion: That's Vivian, dear.
      Howard: Well, I heard that.
      Richie: A date tonight, Fonz?
      Fonzie: A maybe date.
      Vivian: Fonzie, are you coming out?
      Fonzie: This is really embarassing, huh? Some people got no class. They just interrupt a great meal. (to Joanie) Don't you ever do that, Shortcake.
      Vivian: Fonzie, are you in there?
      Fonzie: (shouting) Hey, will you shut up? We're eating!

    • Howard: Hardware Village! It's three stories high, and it's got an escalator and a credit department and 600 different kinds of nails. You know how many kinds of nails I sell? Two: rusty and not rusty.

    • Richie: This could really hurt Fonzie. He's a very sensitive person. I hope he doesn't throw me down the stairs.

    • (Richie finds a reason to let Fonzie stay in the apartment above the garage.)
      Richie: He's a very handy guy to have around. He can fix your car.
      Howard: Oh, that's great. I'll be the first guy in the neighborhood who can go 140 miles an hour in a DeSoto.

    • Joanie: Sit on it, Malph!
      First "sit on it" phrase of the series.

  • Notes

    • Fonzie says that he hasn't seen his grandmother since he was six and that's when he left the house.

    • Season 3 Cast Opening Credits Sequence:
      Ron Howard
      Henry Winkler
      Marion Ross
      Anson Williams
      Donny Most
      Erin Moran
      Tom Bosley

      The still photos of the cast used in the first two seasons are replaced by action shots, most notably Fonzie's thumbs-up gesture.

    • "Happy Days" replaces "Rock Around the Clock" as the show's opening theme beginning with this episode. From now on, the series is filmed in front of a studio audience, and that explains the new interior design at Arnold's and the Cunningham house.

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