Happy Days

Season 3 Episode 9

Fonzie the Flatfoot

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 1975 on ABC

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  • Fonzie takes on the role of a police officer in order to stop local gang activity from getting out of hand.

    This is a fairly watchable episode and has some highly humorous moments as Fonzie takes centre stage.

    Officer Kirk is back being his usual obnoxious self. He is throwing his weight around and causing problems for Howard and others but he himself has problems when two rival gangs, The Falcons and The Dragons prepare for a rumble.

    Being magnanimous, Kirk says he will waive Howard's parking ticket AND allow him to put a loading zone in front of Cunningham's Hardware if Howard can convince Fonzie to stop the Falcons, his old gang, to abandon the idea of a rumble against the Dragons, but will this be easier said than done?