Happy Days

Season 7 Episode 7

Fonzie's a Thespian

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 1979 on ABC

Episode Recap

At the Cunningham house, Potsie, Ralph, and Joanie chant "We want food, we want food!" Richie serves them TV dinners. Marion is busy rehearsing for a play, so Richie and Joanie are trading off on the chores. Ralph and Potsie leave for Arnold's instead of eating their dinners Richie prepared. Richie slams the door on Ralph and Potsie, but Howard has just arrived. Marion has been in the theatre group for two weeks, and the play is on Sunday. Richie and Joanie beg Howard to make Marion quit the group after the play is complete. Joanie and Richie go upstairs to do laundry and vacuuming. Marion arrives home with Sloan Marlowe, the director and star of the play. Howard becomes concerned at the mention of a love scene. There is a sign at Arnold's: "Tickets For 'The Rainmaker' starring Sloan Marlowe - Marion Cunningham - Little Theatre Benefit Fund." Joanie is selling tickets. Chachi sold all of his tickets and gives the money to Joanie. Chachi shows Joanie how he sold his tickets by making an announcement describing the play as having "scantily clad, love-starved women." Chachi says that, although it isn't true, it sells tickets. Richie comes in upset and tells Ralph and Potsie that the college paper wants him to review "The Rainmaker." He says that he's in a no-win situation; if he gives Marion a good review, it could be viewed as favoritism, but if she gives a bad performance, he'd feel awkward writing a bad review about his own mother. Fonzie comes in with his girl who buys them a ticket (she'll sit on his lap). Fonzie asks Richie about the play. In the Cunningham kitchen, Richie reads a potential review to Fonzie. Fonzie tells him to write the review after he sees the play. Marion arrives home; Sloan had driven her. Sloan makes a pass at Marion, and she slaps him across the face. Fonzie and Richie come into the living room and say they heard a slap, and Marion tells them that what happened was nothing she couldn't handle. At the Community Playhouse, Marion rehearses for Sloan. Marion and Sloan have an argument, and Fonzie shows up. Fonzie tells Sloan that he wants an apology to Marion. Fonzie punches a hole through a door to intimidate Sloan. He says that there may be an "unfortunate accident" if he doesn't apologize to Marion. Fonzie joins the Cunninghams for breakfast the next morning, and Marion says that Sloan has left town. Fonzie tells them about the chat he had with Sloan. Howard asks Marion why she didn't tell him about Sloan before. He talks to Marion and apologizes for yelling at her and for what happened. Marion wonders who could play the part, and everyone thinks Fonzie should take it. He initially hesitates but relents when Marion says, "Arthur, for me?" Fonzie has a great memory and takes two days to learn the lines. Marion and Fonzie perform in the play. Everyone applauds at the end. Richie reads his review to everybody back at the house. Fonzie and the guys leave to play eight-ball and have pizza. Chachi hits on Joanie. Howard and Marion kiss.

Songs in this episode:

replacement instrumental

"Personality" by Lloyd Price (1959)