Happy Days

Season 6 Episode 23

Fonzie's Funeral (2)

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 27, 1979 on ABC

Episode Recap

Fonzie walks out of the garage after the explosion. Richie tells Fonzie that the Candy Man and company are trying to silence him because he knows too much about the operation. At the funeral parlor, the Candy Man and company surmise that Fonzie has been killed. Eugene has Ralph (who is tied up at the parlor along with Potsie) call his "parents" Marion and Howard so that they won't suspect anything. Richie comes in. T-Man Peterson comes in and tells Richie that Arthur Fonzarelli was blown up, but Fonzie walks up behind him. Richie says Fonzie was standing behind his address book (a filing cabinet) which protected him from the blast. Howard and Marion tell them about a phone call they received from Ralph and Potsie. Fonzie suggests they set up a phony funeral and say he wants to be buried in Detroit, the site of the counterfeiters next shipment. Peterson thinks this is a great idea, and he says nobody can know that Fonzie is still alive - the funeral must look as real as possible. Howard, Marion, and Richie bring Fonzie's boots to the parlor to make the funeral arrangements saying those are all that is left of him. Marion brings in Fonzie's mother (Fonzie in disguise). The widow Fonzarelli looks at the caskets and suggests something in leather. At the service, Fonzie's girls pay their last respects to Fonzie followed by Lori Beth, Jennifer, and a few more girls. Arnold arrives, meets with Al, and asks him how business is. Chachi hits on Joanie. Officer Kirk arrives and shakes hands with the widow Fonzarelli. Carmine Ragusa dances his way into the funeral home. Potsie and Ralph are still in the back room struggling to get free. Lenny and Squiggy bring in a flower arrangement. Laverne and Shirley cry over Fonzie's boots. Laverne tries to take one of the boots, but Shirley stops her. Laverne leaves her "L" on one of his boots. After the funeral, the Candy Man opens the casket to find Fonzie in it. Fonzie demands to know the whereabouts of his buddies. Ralph and Potsie are found in the secret room behind the revolving panel. Fonzie takes care of the Candy Man and and his stooges. Fonzie kisses girls at Arnold's. Richie, Lori Beth, Potsie, and Jennifer leave to go to Inspiration Point. Fonzie asks Ralph to take over for him at the kissing line.

Songs in this episode:

various instrumentals (including "Big Girls Don't Cry") heard during the service
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