Happy Days

Season 4 Episode 6

Fonzie's Hero

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 26, 1976 on ABC

Episode Recap

Richie and Ralph come into Arnold's and look at a girl (Gina, Al's niece) who is helping out Al. Fonzie stumbles into Arnold's in a burn-stained garage suit. Fonzie was taking a nap when an unknown person pulled him out of a fire at the garage and into safety. Potsie stumbles in wearing his burn-stained Jefferson High School jacket and tells everybody his story about saving Fonzie. Everyone says Potsie is a hero, and Fonzie hugs him. He gives Potsie any one favor he wants. At the house, Marion finishes giving a girl named Vicky a piano lesson. Fonzie and Richie come in, and Richie tells Howard about The Fonzarelli Code. It states that if a man saves your life, any favor he asks you gotta answer it. Joanie, Howard, and Marion leave for the school's open house. Ralph and Potsie come over, and Potsie asks that his favor be that he can pal around with the Fonz. Potsie wants to do everything with Fonzie that he hasn't done with his father. Potsie has plans for bumper cars, the circus, and rollerskating. Potsie and Fonzie go rollerskating, but Fonzie can't skate. He tries to attack Ralph after being made fun of, but he falls down. He falls down when a beautiful girl rolls by him. Potsie helps Fonzie up but puts him in the middle of the rink where he can't hold on to the railing. Everyone rolls by him, and he doesn't fall down. In Fonzie's office at Arnold's, Fonzie complains to Richie that Potsie is always around, and he can't stand it anymore. He says he needs his space and that it isn't just Potsie. Fonzie and Richie leave the restroom. Potsie was in a stall, and he overheard Fonzie and Richie talking about him. Potsie tells Fonzie that they can't hang around together anymore because he needs his room. Potsie says that Fonzie no longer owes him anything. Fonzie's dates arrive: the Aloha Pussycats. Fonzie invites Potsie out with him and his dates.

Songs in this episode:
"Personality" by Lloyd Price (1959)
an unknown instrumental "Pretend" by Nat King Cole (1952) an unknown instrumental
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