Happy Days

Season 3 Episode 12

Fonzie's New Friend

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 25, 1975 on ABC

Episode Recap

At Arnold's, Richie goes to ask Lois about coming to his "Welcome Hawaii to the Union" party, but Fonzie interrupts him. He tells Richie and the guys that he found a drummer, Bill "Sticks" Downey, before he goes to get a rebuilt crankshaft. Lois agrees to come to the party if Richie can get a date for her friend, Meralee. Sticks Downey, who is black, comes in, and Ralph says they should play some basketball. Fonzie and Richie go into the office to talk about the situation. Sticks comes in and says he is cool with everything. Sticks agrees to come to the party if Richie can set him up with a date. Fonzie calls Frederick, the cook, out to talk, but he has left Arnold's for a better job at a delicatessen. Arnold comes out and agrees to talk with Frederick, who is also black, to see if he can get a date for Sticks. He does, and her name is Kathleen. Kathleen's aunt, Rosemary Stevens, comes to meet Sticks at Fonzie's apartment to check him out. She says Sticks is okay and asks Richie some questions. She wants to talk to Howard and Marion who will be chaperones at the party. Howard and Marion come up, and after they talk, Mrs. Stevens agrees to let Kathleen come to the party. Fonzie calls Diane and asks her to the party. Ralph and Potsie go to Fonzie's place and tell him no one is coming to the party because Sticks is colored. Fonzie goes down to Arnold's and everyone raises their hand when he asks who is going to the party. After Fonzie, Potsie, and Ralph leave, Bag asks how many people's parents have told them not to go and how many aren't going, and everyone raises their hands. Sticks and Kathleen arrive, and Joanie shows them around. Ralph comes in and says that no one is going to show up. Howard tells Fonzie that he can't fight prejudice just by going down to Arnold's and snapping his fingers. The party carries on with only a handful of people. Arnold comes to the party, and Potsie and the band sing "Honeycomb." Joanie does the limbo, and Fonzie does it even lower than her.

Songs in this episode:

replacement instrumental

an unknown instrumental

an unknown instrumental

"Honeycomb" by Jimmie F. Rodgers (1957) (sung by Potsie)