Happy Days

Season 7 Episode 21

Fools Rush In

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 26, 1980 on ABC

Episode Recap

Joanie enters the Cunningham house looking for Marion. Marion comes down and says she's going to buy a dress for her and Howard's anniversary of their first date 28 years ago. They went for a drive in Howard's cousin George's LaSalle. Marion says Howard always forgets the anniversary. Joanie tells Marion to go ahead and go shopping - what she wanted to talk about can wait. Marion leaves, and Richie comes in to drop off some books. Joanie wants to ask Richie about dating and about Chachi. He hasn't even held her hand, and she thinks he's losing interest. Richie thinks Chachi is gun shy - fearful of being rejected. Lori Beth brings in their half-melted ice cream cones. Richie tells Lori Beth to talk to Joanie about her problem while he takes care of the ice cream. Chachi talks to Fonzie in Fonzie's place about Joanie. Fonzie receives a call from Delores. Chachi tells Fonzie that Joanie probably thinks of him as a little kid because of the time when he was shorter than she. He thinks she doesn't take him seriously. Ralph comes in asking if Fonzie's seen Richie. Fonzie asks Ralph to give his secrets to dating (nobody takes him seriously, but he still dates). He says he likes to make girls feel at ease right away by making them laugh. Joanie and Lori Beth talk. Lori Beth says that Richie didn't touch her for three months when they started dating, so she cooked him a dinner to show that she thought he was special. Richie comes back into the living room, and he and Lori Beth kiss. Joanie decides to cook Chachi dinner. Joanie leaves. Chachi talks to Fonzie at Arnold's. Chachi wants to take Joanie to the best restaurant in town - A Petite Milwaukee. They go into his office. Joanie and her girlfriend walk in. Fonzie and Chachi come out of the office, and Fonzie gives Chachi money for some chocolate mousse. Fonzie leaves as Potsie walks in. Potsie tells Joanie that his aunt has asked him to babysit his two cousins Saturday night, but Richie has two extra tickets to Bobby Rydell. He asks her to cover for him, and Joanie accepts. Joanie invites Chachi over for dinner that Saturday night while she's babysitting. Chachi tells Al that he's finally going to make his move with Joanie. At the house, Marion shows Richie and Joanie her new dress. Howard comes in and says he has a wonderful evening planned for the anniversary. He's brought the old LaSalle and will have Fonzie tow it up to Inspiration Point for them. Howard and Marion leave. Fonzie remarks that while everyone is having a romantic evening, he'll be driving a tow truck. Fonzie leaves. Potsie brings over his cousins, Michael (who just got over a cold) and Sally. Chachi comes dressed in a brown suit holding flowers. Richie and Potsie leave. Chachi gives Joanie the flowers but sits on the box of candy he brought her. They are about to kiss when Michael comes down for some water. Joanie and Chachi eat their lasagna dinner, and Chachi has some frosting on his nose. Joanie says he looks very dapper. They dance. Michael comes down again just as Joanie and Chachi are about to kiss. Joanie goes into the kitchen to wash the dishes. Chachi tells Michael not to come down anymore. Sally comes down saying that Michael is making funny noises and that he can't breath because of his cold. Chachi tells her to go back upstairs. Joanie comes back into the living room. She and Chachi are about to kiss, but Chachi pulls away. He feels guilty for telling Michael not to come down again and that Sally said he can't breath. The kids come back downstairs, and Chachi takes Michael upstairs to breathe some steam from the shower. Joanie calls the doctor. Chachi comes downstairs, and his suit is wet. Chachi says Michael is fine. Chachi is about to leave when Joanie kisses him. Richie and Joanie wait for Howard and Marion to come home. When they finally arrive at 3:00 AM, Richie and Joanie send them to their room. Songs in this episode: "It's Now Or Never" by Elvis Presley (1960) replacement instrumental "Theme From 'A Summer Place'" by Percy Faith (1960)
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